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Plz make me stop sleepin
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Stop making fun of me.
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>african americans >black "people" >People Of Color >n…
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What is a human right? i.e. What does society owe you?
>clean running water:…
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Any other NEET self harm? >how often do you do it >how do you personal…
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What condition is this/lead to this?
whenever i do something boring i pass out. when i used to work, after a week…
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Why aren't you selling your plasma?
I make $500/month, tax free. The process is little more than reading on my p…
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Vent thread
Post in this thread to vent about anything you like :)
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post itt everytime your neetshamed
got neetshamed today
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Why do you hate women?
They are so cute! And just look at some of the hilarious stuff they say: htt…
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Misanthropy thread
I really dislike people.
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Is psychiatry bullshit? Present your arguments.
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type what comes to mind
i saw a thread on some other site where people basically just typed what was…
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Why is socializing so hard???
I don't even feel a need to actively mingle with people, I just make mys…
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Have you ever used drugs, or do you use them currently? I just ordered DXM. …
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What are you doing today to waste the day?
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Anyone else sometimes a shameful neet? like you don't do shit all day bu…
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What do you think is the most pathetic job that receives respect from societ…
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your at the convenience store at midnight what do you get?
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Lets talk about waifus
Does /neet/ have a waifu? Whats her name? how did you meet her?
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Fat neets
Are you overweight? I am because I eat food to escape my feelings of inadequ…
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Hello. Are you happy?
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How do I get GF?
I'm 22 yo in Germoney and don't plan to stop NEETing anytime soon. I…
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My cousin died today. i didn't know him too well last time i saw him he …
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if you put coffee powder on a small cup in your room it neutralizes the bad …
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Any fellow bronies on here? or is it still uncool to like MLP as much as a n…
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Anyone else have trouble sleeping?
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How do you deal with suicidal thoughts? I don't really want to kms but I…
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Its not fair... Why did I have to be born defective?
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What is your favourite album?
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How do you feel about MAPs? Would you date a pedowoman?
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Who is the official mascot of NEET culture?
>Anzu Futaba >Comfy Pepe >???????
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Civilization will eventually collapse, and only in the distant future will w…
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anatomically correct
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Wagecucks BTFO
If you're having work problems I feel bad for you son; I got 99 problems…
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Favorite videogame as a kid?
Also what's your favorite game now?
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hoes mad
hoes mad >hoes mad hoes mad https://www.yout…
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Welcome To The NHK
What do NEETs think of Welcome To The NHK?
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Any anime recommendations?
Do you guys know any obscure/not well known anime I might watch? I'm ver…
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I actually started to believe that Apple Hardware and Software are actually …
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You're not autistic. You're don't have chronic fatigue. You'…
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I've searched high and I have searched low
In need of some emotional support and optimism .. this morning our dear adm…
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why do people hate on anime so much?
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Favourite type of snack during the night?
I really enjoy making chicken and cheese bagels with some strawberry milk. …
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Learning Japanese
Have any NEETs on here actually tried learning Japanese? I have been study…
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>you will never be a monk in the 18th century relaxing with your monk fri…
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Do you, as a NEET, support abortion?
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this is me hugging you anon :3
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Daily reminder to stretch your hands!
Hello anons, please remember to stretch and excercise your hands to prevent …
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The GPT-3 model
Is it correct as it pertains to
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This is what nirvana looks like from space.
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thinking about getting a job or studying what about you?
I do not know if I can work but I could maybe work towards working or being …
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come watch classic films
here since most dont wanna get the userscript requires to watch film…
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i was a happy kid with a bright future. i never imagined i would turn into t…
Replies: 11 its back under a new domain
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Why has the number of fakecels, fakeneets and fakehikikomoris has increased so much
i see so many people that have an social life calling themselves incels, nee…
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NEET book.
Have you ever wanted to write a NEET book?
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any of you guys have bad experiences with infinite content pools?
I end up spending all day on youtube and constantly refreshing forums holy f…
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remember this when you feel constipated.