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I actually started to believe that Apple Hardware and Software are actually …
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Vent thread
Post in this thread to vent about anything you like :)
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anatomically correct
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Welcome To The NHK
What do NEETs think of Welcome To The NHK?
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Name hikikomoris (or ex-hikikomoris) who have succeeded in proposing an inte…
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ever think about just becoming normalfag?
I do not mean get a GF and all that but just going outside trying the normie…
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Any new NEETs?
I haven't been a NEET for very long but I have no desire to change that
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why are so many threads here just advertising another chan?
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Do any of you use discord? i wanna find a comfy server to join.
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Would you date a NEET?
I want to date a NEET
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is this place dead
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Am I allowed to post here if I am not a NEET?
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I really like you all.
Just wanted you to know that. :3
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I have been a NEET for almost 5 years
And I'm happier than ever! For how long have you guys been a NEET? Do yo…
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how do you find the motivation to keep your room and stuff clean? i don'…
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made a post here about 2 years ago and completely forgot are my /neet/ frien…
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Whenever I find an interesting Wikipedia article about someone's life, I…
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how do you spend christmas? i don't want to see my family desu, i'm …
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How's your sleep pattern? Are you getting comfy sleeps?
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On average how often do you visit this place?
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Thoughts on /r9k/
What are your thoughts on /r9k/ NEETs? I think the board used to be good…
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I don't see how neets are supposed to date or make friends who are also neets because we're usually introverts and have no social hobbies besides maybe vidya. i want friends but i don't know how to get them.
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You are cordially invited to check out Openchan. A new chan that focuses on …
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happy new year
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how often do you brush your teeth?
I used to go months at a time without doing it but I've gotten better at…
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im lost
is this my new home?
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Becoming a neet was the best decision i ever made. I haven't been this h…
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Why is this site being run by cloudfare? I demand answers!
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COVID19 is FAKE. The virus is FAKE! The very concept of germs/viruses has n…
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le orange valve man
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Daily reminder to stretch your hands!
Hello anons, please remember to stretch and excercise your hands to prevent …
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bideo games?
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Persona thread
Claming Futaba
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What are some good games for making friends?
Back in 2013/14 I played a lot on Minecraft factions servers. I had a group …
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>BeepBox is an online tool for sketching and sharing instrumental melodie…
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Do you have anything to look forward to when you wake up? I don't and ha…
Replies: 1 Imageboard Otaku
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Upcoming Games
So uh... anything anyone lookin' forward to?
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your at the convenience store at midnight what do you get?
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When did you last have sex?
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failed attempt to leave neethood
i started online school after being on disability bux for like two years but…
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race war
you guys are complete pussies. You said you wanted a race war, well now it&#…
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how do people date others and not feel exhausted? wageslaves only sense of s…
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Why are flying vehicles like planes or helicopters so much more expensive th…
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How long have you been NEET
3 years and going strong
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Anyone else disabled?
Anon are you disabled either physically or mentally officially and if you ar…
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PSP vs PSVita?
title says it all. been trying to decide which one to purchase, so which is …
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Overwhelmed by choice
I have a hard time enjoying video games because of how many I have downloade…
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Thread I made. Post you should. Better you will feel.
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what sites do you use
What websites do you use to talk with other people who you can get along wit…
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C programming
Any of u into C?
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Images that you like
Post images that you really like here
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Favourite type of snack during the night?
I really enjoy making chicken and cheese bagels with some strawberry milk. …
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Chat box?
Could we get a Chat box in the site? is this possible just not all of us lik…