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video pic girl :
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Let's talk NEETbux
How much neetbux are you guys getting? I'm at 4k a month and it's qu…
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Future plans
How do you plan to survive once your parents die? I’ve seen a lot of people …
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how do you deal with the lack of affection?
i want someone to cares about me, feel protected and the sweetness of a hug …
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Getting old
I'm getting older and sometimes can't help but think I should just o…
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Thoughts on loli & lolicon? and, if you're able to answer the questi…
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If, when do you sleep?
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Is anon's neet space comfy?
Replies: 152 Banner Rotation
I've started to feel that the single banner we currently have on the sit…
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Vent thread
Post in this thread to vent about anything you like :)
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>african americans >black "people" >People Of Color >n…
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this is such a small corner of the internet, im thinking about making a thre…
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me eat delicious ice cream
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are there any discords for neet that aren't full of alt right people and…
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NEET drugs
Any of you guys use drugs? I like psychedelic research chemicals. Easier t…
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/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread
Hello neatles What are you working on?
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Civilization will eventually collapse, and only in the distant future will w…
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How has being a NEET influenced your political views?
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Die you piece of shit
Youre worst friend. I hope you and your dog die in suffering
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I'm curious if this is a symptom of my stupidity. Two questions: 1. Wha…
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Winter 2022
What are we watching this season?
Replies: 15
bideo games?
Replies: 13
Do you have anything to look forward to when you wake up? I don't and ha…
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Do i count as a NEET? i dont associate myself with one, and i have online cl…
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I have been a NEET for almost 5 years
And I'm happier than ever! For how long have you guys been a NEET? Do yo…
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I actually started to believe that Apple Hardware and Software are actually …
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Random Stream for NEETs
ITT: constant content, NEETs have your other monitor going and have this pla…
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how did you become NEET?
What is your NEET story?
Replies: 13
I've searched high and I have searched low
In need of some emotional support and optimism .. this morning our dear adm…
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post itt everytime your neetshamed
got neetshamed today
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Is there a file size limit?
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Site Design
This site, its so simple, its so simple and beautiful.
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Neonchan. Open 24/7.
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have fun on the internet
Every small imageboard I've been in that gets a big enough userbase alwa…
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Come Share YT Videos
https://cytu DOT be/r/MarbleShrine I am a lonely NEET. I don't have any…
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Sacha Pidorenko hi
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Merii Kurisumasu
Merii Kurisumasu, anon!
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Happy new year!
Shinnen omedetô gozaimasu, anon! Wishing you just the best for 2022! <3
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Share your favorite tunes…
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C programming
Any of u into C?
Replies: 17
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Do you like saber padoru?
Replies: 60
anyone else ghost everyone?
If I can entertain myself I can go years without talking to a single person …
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post cute girls
Replies: 27
were you bullied?
is bullying why you are NEET?
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first thread
So I am in this telegram group with peoe from an imageboard, we used to have…
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Learning Japanese
Have any NEETs on here actually tried learning Japanese? I have been study…
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こんにちは。 あたしは日本語れんしゅうもっとしりたい、どするか?
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le orange valve man
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Why are flying vehicles like planes or helicopters so much more expensive th…
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Happy Birthday Yui!
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any of you guys have bad experiences with infinite content pools?
I end up spending all day on youtube and constantly refreshing forums holy f…
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How's your sleep pattern? Are you getting comfy sleeps?
Replies: 90
Do any of you use discord? i wanna find a comfy server to join.
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fap music
post your favourite tunes to listen to while you fap away your sadness. per…
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I NEETed for much of my 20s but eventually had to get a job so I got a decen…
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Autistic withdrawal and suffering from that
Hi guys, I need your help. I am not entirely a hikki because sometime I hav…
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Mental Issues
Why is your life like this? do you have any mental illnesses that you think …
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Another night without sleep. Another day without purpose. But: Hedonism is a…