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Do you sign the NEET pledge?
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post cute girls
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Good bye neets!
Replies: 15
Who here hates going to the toilet?
I hate being interrupted from my daily programming session just to get rid o…
Replies: 35
The Black Problem
Important and uncensored information on the black problem. How do we end th…
Replies: 14
Which image board has the most retards?
I vote 4chan. Not to controversial, I know.
Replies: 13
What's the single most retarded thing your waifu has said?
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You’re between jobs, right?
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Thread to pay respect to the NEET that never was
rest in peace, Sky King.
Replies: 15
Who was the most retarded american president?
Trump Tard or Blockhead Bush? >Sorry losers and hates but my IQ is one of…
Replies: 17
amending NEET to include people in college that don’t have jobs
I know it sounds weird but if your a college student and you don’t have a jo…
Replies: 36
Who is the official mascot of NEET culture?
>Anzu Futaba >Comfy Pepe >???????
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NEETpride Magazine
Do I have the project for you! We'll be making a NEETzine bros. Pic rela…
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I have crippling autism.
Replies: 12
Does /neet/ like cafeine?
If so what's your primary source? >Coffee >Tea >Coke >ES!?!…
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In your opinion, whats the best and worst religion?
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Do you get along with your siblings?
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What's the most retarded thing a wagie has ever said to you?
My father said that I was full of shit because I didn't want to have a w…
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How do you spend your weekends?
Replies: 13
Do you like to take a walk?
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post aesthetic images
what i require from you today is not cute anime girls, nor is it simple pixe…
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Is the planet fucked, fam?
Do you think rapid climate change or microplastic pollution or something els…
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Neeko wa Tsurai yo!
Please read it, it encapsulates neetdom pretty well~ https://dynasty-scans.…
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Message to admin thread
If you have anything you want to communicate with the admin, don't use t…
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Do you have a criminal record? What did you do? Did you have to spend time i…
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Am I a fag for my eating my own cum?
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fap music
post your favourite tunes to listen to while you fap away your sadness. per…
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Posting styles
>burst poster This is what I do and what I've noticed a few other peo…
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You realize not every thread has to be about a stereotypical NEET subject ri…
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ITT NEETs of the animal kingdom
Funny how insects behave most similarly to wagecucks...
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Don't make complain threads, make good threads
Just ignore the invaders.
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Has anyone ever had a chill job?
Maybe it's all propaganda, but I always thought an easily automatable of…
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How ia your Room during the day? How much light tou get?
Do you use curtains? Prefer it dark or light? Pic related but not my room
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Describe the perfect imageboard to me.
It seems there are a lot of strong opinions on what makes an imageboard good…
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Have you ever been fired from a job? What happened?
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I am a sick NEET... I am a horrible one. No I do not know what makes me so …
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If you could be euthanized
Would you seize that opportunity?
Replies: 31
Why this once beautiful board turned into a steaming pile of poop: underage …
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fuck all of you /pol/tards tourists. this place used to be comfy.
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Post here everytime you visit
Some topics for your response: >What's on your mind? >Why are you…
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I'm Big Buck Bunny and I'll make your asshole feel funny.
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Should I get a Dakimakura?
My brother said he would disown me If I ever got one. But I really want some…
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Tatami Galaxy
It's a truly dank anime, but I really want to figure out which episode t…
Replies: 73
Lets talk about waifus
Does /neet/ have a waifu? Whats her name? how did you meet her?
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This Anime Does Not Exist
Replies: 29
Replies: 7
never let anyone defeat you.
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Please make me able to hide posts
Replies: 149
Would you date a NEET?
I want to date a NEET
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Post something cool!
Replies: 34
What job would you be willing to quit NEEThood to do?
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What are your goals?
Replies: 13
Thread I made. Post you should. Better you will feel.
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Fat neets
Are you overweight? I am because I eat food to escape my feelings of inadequ…
Replies: 8
Anyone else have trouble sleeping?
Replies: 18
Dance Party
Replies: 22
Plz make me stop sleepin
Replies: 4
How many kids do you have?