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Welcome to Gemchan. Where every post is a gem.
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this is such a small corner of the internet, im thinking about making a thre…
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How do you see your world?
This is my window. It has two layers of curtains. The inner one are long cur…
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What is the pont of recovery?
The point of recover for NEET and hikikomori is so they are able to particip…
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should i take the hikki pill
should i take the hikki pill? i'm so tired of having to deal with people…
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How long have you been NEET
3 years and going strong
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Anyone else been lectured about their lifestyle?
Ive had multiple people lecture me about the way i live. An isolated lifesty…
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Let's talk NEETbux
How much neetbux are you guys getting? I'm at 4k a month and it's qu…
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I love you, anon. You're the only normal Person I know. Thank you for be…
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How's your sleep pattern? Are you getting comfy sleeps?
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C programming
Any of u into C?
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failed attempt to leave neethood
i started online school after being on disability bux for like two years but…
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I'm probably the only real depressed hikikomori neet in this place, you …
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ITT post cute hikki anime girls
in this thread post anime art of hikki/neet anime girls, anime girls on comp…
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your at the convenience store at midnight what do you get?
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Becoming a neet was the best decision i ever made. I haven't been this h…
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I'm stucked with my mind
I don't know why, but I can't turning off my pc and go to sleep. It&…
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what sites do you use
What websites do you use to talk with other people who you can get along wit…
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post itt everytime your neetshamed
got neetshamed today
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I really like you all.
Just wanted you to know that. :3
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what are your ideals and how do you live up to them?
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On average how often do you visit this place?
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Chat box?
Could we get a Chat box in the site? is this possible just not all of us lik…
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[] あなたは優しい人々ね 僕の大切市 どもう…
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who /truNEET/ here
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Favourite type of snack during the night?
I really enjoy making chicken and cheese bagels with some strawberry milk. …
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Post hikikomori artists!!
Kapura is an artist that I really like (pic related) and I was on their twit…
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I don't see how neets are supposed to date or make friends who are also neets because we're usually introverts and have no social hobbies besides maybe vidya. i want friends but i don't know how to get them.
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the rats
There's an evil virus that's threatening mankind It's not state …
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Anyone else disabled?
Anon are you disabled either physically or mentally officially and if you ar…
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Cuddle thread!
NEET cuddle thread to help the lonely (anon). Come on anon, let me give you …
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What NEET things do you get up to?
I've been playing geimus and posting with my friends. What about you :3…
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never let anyone defeat you.
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What would Hitler think about NEETs?
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any of you guys have bad experiences with infinite content pools?
I end up spending all day on youtube and constantly refreshing forums holy f…
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People live meaningless lives. They waste their precious days over nothing. …
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Anyone wants to talk?
I really need a friend right now. You can contact me here:…
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Desu best anime rozen maiden suiseiseki don't watch english dub
Rozen maiden is the best anime I've seen, people literally are too dumb …
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NEET Literature
What are some good books written by or about NEETs? Preferably something fun…
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Missed my chance to an hero?
I feel like I fucked up by becoming emotionally numb to everything as if I m…
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Thoughts on /r9k/
What are your thoughts on /r9k/ NEETs? I think the board used to be good…
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Share your favorite tunes…
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How many of you view this website on desktop or a phone? Just curious what /…
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Any anime recommendations?
Do you guys know any obscure/not well known anime I might watch? I'm ver…
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Do i count as a NEET? i dont associate myself with one, and i have online cl…
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When did you last have sex?
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Hi, I'm anon, a man denied his imageboard. My home has been expropriated…
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Manga reccommendation thread
The mangas I liked the most. >punpun No introduction required >himizu …
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You are cordially invited to check out Openchan. A new chan that focuses on …
Replies: 113 Banner Rotation
I've started to feel that the single banner we currently have on the sit…
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Stuck in Time and Left Behind
I've been a NEET for a very long time now, longer than i can remember. M…
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Trying to Escape
I feel like everytime i fall down into one of these comfortable communities …
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Welcome To The NHK
What do NEETs think of Welcome To The NHK?
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Anybody else had a honey moon period of being a NEET?
Back when i was 17 i became a NEET. it was awesome! it became even better wh…
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Do any of you use discord? i wanna find a comfy server to join.
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community sharing thread
A lot of threads on this board are advertising other boards and communities.…