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What is your mental illness story? Have you ever self harmed?
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What would be the minimum salary required for you to consider leaving NEETdo…
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>neet/hikki >but poor >my saving is gonna empty soon nah
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Suggestion for
Remove the dead video game and Japanese boards. It seems like most people ar…
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Lets talk about waifus
Does /neet/ have a waifu? Whats her name? how did you meet her?
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quitting internet?
Hello! Had anyone else come to decide that they are better off abandoning th…
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Any anime recommendations?
Do you guys know any obscure/not well known anime I might watch? I'm ver…
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Do you shave regularly? I have a beard purely because I’m too lazy to shave.…
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Delete all the retard political threads please
Politics is gay and should die in a hole where it belongs. These threads onl…
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/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread
Hello neatles What are you working on?
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Come post on
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23, I went to my first job interview today, and I actually fucking got it.
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type what comes to mind
i saw a thread on some other site where people basically just typed what was…
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What's your redpill level?
I'm level 3
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Learning Japanese
Have any NEETs on here actually tried learning Japanese? I have been study…
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こんにちは。 あたしは日本語れんしゅうもっとしりたい、どするか?
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People who need to believe in god are submissives
Change my mind.
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why didn't you take it yet?
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its been 2 weeks since i took a shower, last time i left my home was 1 month and a half ago
just wanted to share
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Videogame Genre Taxonomy
I'm trying to come up with a coherent taxonomy for video game genres. I …
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Vent thread
Post in this thread to vent about anything you like :)
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How significant is porn/hentai/erotica in your life?
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NEET Documentaries
ITT Post and discuss NEET documentaries.…
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masturbation thread
what are you masturbating to, anon?
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my life is over
i cant find joy in anything when i wake up its hard to get out of bed, i lit…
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What do you guys do when you're sad? pic not related
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basically if you read or watch or play something and want to give thoughts o…
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>I will never have a gf >I will never have a wife >I will never hav…
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I checked out that guys YouTube channel in the NEETpride zine and he's s…
Replies: 19 is over
mods please delete the fucking CP, there’s fucking CP everywhere, delete thi…
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How many of you view this website on desktop or a phone? Just curious what /…
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They can't keep getting away with it
Where were you when you realized trying to separate races is pointless becau…
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Rejected no matter where I go
I can't seem to find a place anywhere, not in normal society not in nich…
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I want to talk to people
I only have one (online) friend. I want to talk to other people, but I'm…
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How long have you been NEET
3 years and going strong
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comfort music
what music do you listen to when you're sad and you want to feel better?…
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Have you ever used drugs, or do you use them currently? I just ordered DXM. …
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I want to stop feeling miserable all the time. how does anon accomplish such…
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MBTI Type?
It's pseudo-science but it's fun anyway. What's your Myers Brigg…
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Happy Birthday Yui!
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The NEEtles greatest hits
♬♫We all live in a dimly lit screen♬♫ ♬♫A dimly lit screen- A dimly lit scre…
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i love my 2d wife so much i cant stop thinking about her its completely take…
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You are not alone in the abyssal darkness. I am here and we shall face the c…
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Im kinda surprised there is no game night or anything here Would anyone here…
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Do you guys pirate software and games? I pirate pretty much all my entertain…
Replies: 177 Banner Rotation
I've started to feel that the single banner we currently have on the sit…
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bideo games?
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Cuddle thread!
NEET cuddle thread to help the lonely (anon). Come on anon, let me give you …
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NEETpride Magazine
Do I have the project for you! We'll be making a NEETzine bros. Pic rela…
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What would Hitler think about NEETs?
Replies: 13
I can't remember the last time I was outside
Replies: 20
What job would you be willing to quit NEEThood to do?
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NEET memes
a thread for NEET memes.
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How you can be a Christian and be a NEET?
It says right in the bible that you have to make Jews rich by slaving away a…