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any of you guys have bad experiences with infinite content pools?
I end up spending all day on youtube and constantly refreshing forums holy f…
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Anybody else had a honey moon period of being a NEET?
Back when i was 17 i became a NEET. it was awesome! it became even better wh…
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Do any of you use discord? i wanna find a comfy server to join.
Replies: 110 Banner Rotation
I've started to feel that the single banner we currently have on the sit…
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Favourite type of snack during the night?
I really enjoy making chicken and cheese bagels with some strawberry milk. …
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Is this a wizchan refugee camp?
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community sharing thread
A lot of threads on this board are advertising other boards and communities.…
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C programming
Any of u into C?
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I don't see how neets are supposed to date or make friends who are also neets because we're usually introverts and have no social hobbies besides maybe vidya. i want friends but i don't know how to get them.
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Thoughts on /r9k/
What are your thoughts on /r9k/ NEETs? I think the board used to be good…
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What would Hitler think about NEETs?
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Salvation is here
Welcome to Edenchan. A place of refuge. http://edench7c…
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People live meaningless lives. They waste their precious days over nothing. …
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You are cordially invited to check out Openchan. A new chan that focuses on …
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Please come check out my tiny imageboard. Tor: http://tin…
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User board creation is enabled. Tor: http://eightchgaw4nnx…
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Hello. I made a new comfy small chan which is using jschan, new alpha imageb…
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A slow but friendly greeting from Slothchan!
Replies: 1 "C stands for comfy!" (Tor: http:…
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NEET minecraft server
let's play IP: mostly vanilla and pirate-friendly
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lets advertise this place
I have no friends and do not talk online to anyone but can we try advertise …
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It is the Japanese spirit to pursue something in a subdued but sustained man…
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Whenever I find an interesting Wikipedia article about someone's life, I…
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Anyone wants to talk?
I really need a friend right now. You can contact me here:…
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Why is this site being run by cloudfare? I demand answers!
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NEET book.
Have you ever wanted to write a NEET book?
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Images that you like
Post images that you really like here
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every time you drink from a plastic bottle you can taste the plastic. not en…
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What do tou feel with a Brazilian lurking arround this place?
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Persona thread
Claming Futaba
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post itt everytime your neetshamed
got neetshamed today
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Welcome To The NHK
What do NEETs think of Welcome To The NHK?
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When did you last have sex?
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Hi, I'm anon, a man denied his imageboard. My home has been expropriated…
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You're not autistic. You're don't have chronic fatigue. You'…
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Good IRC networks
henlo frens, i am a frequent user of IRC and I was wondering if we could sha…
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Share your favorite tunes…
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NEET Documentaries
ITT Post and discuss NEET documentaries.…
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le orange valve man
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neetbux acquired!
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Any other NEET self harm? >how often do you do it >how do you personal…
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I always find it funny when I see the "volcel monks" from wizchan …
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I really wish this place was faster. Until then I'm gonna be lurking in …
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A good website in a weary world welcomes people like yourself…
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I really like you all.
Just wanted you to know that. :3
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this is such a small corner of the internet, im thinking about making a thre…
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if you put coffee powder on a small cup in your room it neutralizes the bad …
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PSP vs PSVita?
title says it all. been trying to decide which one to purchase, so which is …
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Do i count as a NEET? i dont associate myself with one, and i have online cl…
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I haven't washed my dishes in a month.
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why do people hate on anime so much?
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do any anons have a routine or like a schedule that they maintain to stay co…
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I'm ready to mate you! Please apply below!
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this is my first post here, i just came across this chan today and i liked i…
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I don't want to die alone...
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This Anime Does Not Exist