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I both love and hate that this site has returned
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videogames aren't art
videogames art just another form of drugs. just like drugs, it's meant t…
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why do people hate on anime so much?
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A good website in a weary world welcomes people like yourself…
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time to remind that admin deleted threads about having a gf in about a minut…
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Hello neets! ^__^
Come over to this awesome neet forum. Come for a visit, leave a post, talk …
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legend of the first born jap
I've heard a legend about first jap: there was some random guy from Chuk…
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this is fun
imagine removing posts about gfs and pretending to be dead admins on a dead …
Replies: 0 https://so…
Replies: 0 https://fantasia…
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loliporn6s6cbjjo htt…
Replies: 1 OR…
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Hobby thread
Do you have any hobbies or do you just stare at the catalog all day long?
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confession: i bullied some autistic kid with mental deficiency in hs
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Got Autismbuxx
i just got €1700 in autismbuxx. I also have ocd and a family history of schi…
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Would you take the money
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it's the end
post your final goodbye
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How do you feel about the fact that people still use です DESU in the year of …
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COVID19 is FAKE. The virus is FAKE! The very concept of germs/viruses has n…
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are there any discords for neet that aren't full of alt right people and…
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MBTI Type?
It's pseudo-science but it's fun anyway. What's your Myers Brigg…
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post cute girls
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Cyberpunk Edgerunners
Fuck you, Netflix anime is good
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Oppai hugs
Mother nature's dakimakura. >おっぱい は心の抱き枕です
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It hurts
>Feel lonely >Play a VN >Feel even worse because nothing will never…
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Say Hi everytime you pass by this site
Hi :)
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Vent Thread II
Post in this thread to vent about whatever you like. kindposters/frenpille…
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Guys, read the Bible
Great tribulation is about to come soon, the Antichrist is rising right now,…
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The "east" were ALWAYS degenerate, effeminate, and "woke"…
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yakui on the log
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more neet sites…
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A reminder that Kojima tried to warn us.
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Useful sites for neets
Sites to help you with your mental struggles. To help you with your gaming …
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it's boring being a NEET when you have 0 hobby or when the only hobbies …
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How comfy is your neet room?
What does your neet room look like? Is it comfy?
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What are your plans for 2023? You'd better make a change.
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comfort music
what music do you listen to when you're sad and you want to feel better?…
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yet another day of doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING
eat shit wagies!
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Anyone else hate summer?
I can't wait for winter, I wish I lived in Nunavat or Khabarovsk or fric…
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this is such a small corner of the internet, im thinking about making a thre…
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Offer to admin
Admin, I would like to be a volunteer moderator for As a lifelong …
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Do you think int the future it will be easier to make money online?
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are there any patchans online at the moment?
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say something nice about the greatest handheld of all time!
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why was the site gone for half a year?
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What's with all the incel posting on here now? Can't non-incel/rob…
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Love neets
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Hello /neet/ is a friendly place to post
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koalyma tranitors can't delete me here or something
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This Anime Does Not Exist
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Random Japanese Words
What are some random Japanese words that you learned recently? I just recent…
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>playism makes 1000 banger games a year >no one gives a shit, no cover…
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I made a sharty bunker
== get in ==