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Is Korean worth the effort to learn? No.108

I learned Japanese to consume more Japanese anime, games, and hentai. I keep seeing more Korean stuff these days that is untranslated. Anyone have experience with how difficult it was to learn good enough?


I've considered studying Korean. The writing system, as I've heard, is really logical and easy to pick up.


my friend knows it to use mostly in korean mmos and to talk with nerdy girls. I was studying japanese but glad that dropped - no reason to know it. Its useless.


if ur in favorable position, japs will talk with you in english. and why wouldn't i want to be in that position lol. But yeah, last jap that contacted with me in english because he needed me, was in like 2017-2018.

this situation reminds me of Qanon. retards are paying money and wasting time to be with each other spewing random lulzy bullshit. Weebs are the same


>weebs are qanon
what a reach


they are as retarded as qanon I mean


한글은 차드입니다.


I would learn Korean just to say innuendo filled smutty BS to pretty ladies like Madame Park. I would either leave with a face full of boobs or a bloodied nose, or both!