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Japanese TEFL program No.199

Has anyone ever done this, or even applied? I have a college degree, a clean background check, I can pass an N5 JLPT test, and I got the vax. But I have been a NEET for the past 5 years and I don't look White or Asian. Should I apply for next year? Is it not all it's cracked up to be? I really just want to hike the country roads across Japan and camp every night, and I'm willing to work as a fucking school teacher for 6 months to do it.


>I have a college degree, a clean background check, I can pass an N5 JLPT test, and I got the vax.


japs are dickhead garbage and you should go there you mindless zog patriot


>past 5 years
rookie numbers


failed normalfag


The japanese have a bad working culture
If you don't overwork yourself then you will be looked down upon


yes yes I'm a normalfag or whatever the buzzword du jour is. I just want to know if TEFL is actually worth applying for. it costs a sizable chunk of money to do so, and you guys seem pretty smart, given that you're NEETs

I was under the impression they hold foreigners to a lower standard, especially TEFL foreigners. They understand we're really just there for cheap tourism of their beautiful country.


>you guys seem pretty smart, given that you're NEETs


Most people here haven't even left their house let alone left to Japan.


I can' t think of anything worse than having to teach a bunch of bratty ungrateful kids. Would rather be a McWorker.


JLPT N5 won't get you anywhere, especially if you're planning on getting a job like teaching.


Then you get a bunch of ungrateful adults
But at least they aren't under your care
And in a way you are poisoning them, pretty cool


Correct. NEETs are smart af
The TEFL program doesn't even require passing it though. It'd purely be to make me more attractive to schools. According to the websites I've looked at, you really don't have to know much Japanese to get hired as an English teacher, and you definitely dont have to be fluent. TEFL isn't like a real job. It's the same tier as WWOOFing; basically just a way to get a work visa for travel


No matter how smart a NEET is, they won't know anything involving TEFL and shit without experience or research. Doesn't help that there's only 10 people using the board.


I've heard that teaching English in Japan is pretty fucking shit, I don't know any specifics, but I'm guessing the pay and whatnot must not be that good. If you have nothing to do in life/you really want to be in Japan but don't have any other skills with which you might be able to get in, then do it.
One thing to keep in mind though, you don't "need" to know Japanese, your job should be exclusively in English, but be prepared to sit in your home all day doing nothing but shitposting on the net, and getting everything you need delivered to you off the net, even basic groceries. With N5 you won't even be able to communicate with your coworkers, and hiking through the country would be a bitch too, so if you want a decent life there you have to man up and become fluent, preferably before you even get there. Also don't mistakenly think that Japanese students are less annoying and retarded than their gaijin counterparts.
I've thought of going to Japan to teach English myself, but I'm a fucking ESL.