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Learning Japanese No.38

Have any NEETs on here actually tried learning Japanese?

I have been studying for about 3 years and have a beginners level understanding of the language. I like to lurk 2ch/5ch and Futaba and hangout in Japanese discord servers and talk to NEETs


I sort of do, I've probably been at it a little longer than you but I've only really been serious about it at the beginning. I'm quite okay with listening and reading to some degree with the help of dictionaries but have more trouble expressing myself. Not sure about 2/5ch but don't you need a japanese ip to post on Futaba? I don't use Discord much but what kind of servers do you use? If you don't mind sharing that is.


I can read some basic sentences i understand all the different types of Japanese such as casual formal polite and rude and when things such as desu and masu should be used. Hiragana and katakana are easy its kanji that is extremely difficult as well as the Japanese pitch accent. As far as 2ch/5ch and Futaba yes they both ban non-Japan IP addresses so i just lurk i don't post and i hangout in the Japanese NEET/Hikikomori discords and most of them are pretty inactive because the Japanese NEETs don't really talk much they mostly keep to themselves. Even Japanese people i made friends with don't talk much and are off discord most of the time.


Yes, katakana and hiragana aren't a problem. Kanji is a continuous learning process, having a browser extension like the old Rikaichan is especially helpful. I, too browse futaba occasionally. Are there any distinct differences between the demographics of 2ch and 5ch ever since the split? As for Discord, are they receptive of non-japanese? What do they talk about?


>Are there any distinct differences between the demographics of 2ch and 5ch ever since the split?
The 2ch mirror site ran by Hiro is all Japanese people and only in Japanese and only Japan IPs can post there even though it is not very active. 5ch aka the original 2ch on the other hand is a lot more active and is mostly Japanese people and in Japanese and they do ban non-Japan IP addresses on the Japanese boards however there are English boards where foreign IPs are allowed to post but they aren't very active boards.

> As for Discord, are they receptive of non-japanese? What do they talk about?
It really all depends on who you are talking to and what kind of server you're in some are cool with foreigners others not so much. As for conversation Japanese people tend to treat discord more like a chatroom therefore in Japanese discords you will see a lot more polite conversation instead of toxic behavior and meme speak Japanese people online are more passive aggressive or just ignore you and give you the silent treatment because in their culture you have to try and avoid conflict and they have all these different social rules. They will usually only be straight up rude and call you a 馬鹿 if you piss them off. and are rude towards them first or do something really stupid that pisses them off.


I started learning Japanese right at the end of august last year, I had the misfortune of picking a meme anki deck when I started, which I now have to stick with, and I had to get a horrifying 10 hour per day job 2 weeks after starting, so progress hasn't been as good as I wanted. Nevertheless I can now read and understand in full shitty yukkuri 4komas on pixiv. I hope to quit my retarded job and go back to NEET at least for a while so I can study and go through Japanese media properly.


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I think I might get back into this. I found a pretty useful app for training yourself to write kanji using a drawing tablet: https://apps.microsoft.com/store/detail/kakitai-learn-japanese-by-writing/9WZDNCRFJJLH?hl=en-us&gl=US


I've done this off and on for years. But I eventually stopped, because I couldn't figure out why I was studying japanese in the first place. Realistically I'm never likely to go and live and work in japan. I don't REALLY need it to watch anime. And while having a skill that most people don't might make me feel special and clever, there are much more practical skills to acquire than japanese.


Needing a concrete goal is a requirement for learning a language. For me it feels pretty cool reading obscure untranslated hentai and import games. There is still is a ton of great stuff out there that is unlikely to ever receive a translation patch. And while you don't need it to watch most anime, understanding even basic Japanese unlocks a bunch of Easter eggs that people with zero understanding will never get.


based desu.






>any distinct differences between 2ch and 5ch?
Different guy, but as far as I can see the biggest difference is that 2ch is where all the autists are, and 5ch is where all the normalfags are. It's not hard to see stuff like real JK's in 5ch, whereas in 2ch they just don't exist.
There's also a big difference in activity, in 2ch a decent amount of the boards get less than 10 posts a month, some of them meaningless spam, but the boards that are active tend to be very high quality. Interestingly enough boards like 発電 that you'd normally expect to have very low activity can actually turn out to be very popular.
5ch appears to have a few boards of oldfags and whatnot in it too, one of which I found was /hikky/, there are a lot of 30-50 year old hikikomori there who've spent their whole lives in their houses. Unfortunately half of the time they're too busy talking about shitting and testicles to do much of anything else though.
If you plebs want to post in them, then I recommend SoftEther VPN with VPN Gate, most Jap proxies on it are banned, but a decent chunk aren't. Do note that if you type like a 3rd grader or reveal that you're a 外人 on Jap imageboards you might be thought of as a Korean shitposter and get the entire IP range banned.