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Why is everything in Japan better than in America? No.91

For instance, take livestreaming. Despite the technology on which streaming services operate literally being the exact same, only Japan gets this cool horizontally scrolling overlay for chats. Americans have to deal with a little baby chat in the corner.

They even have greater access to guns than we have in some of the more cucked states: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attractions-g298156-Activities-c56-t210-Kanto.html

It's not fair.


The horizontal overlay chat is kinda shit at times, tbh. Twitch ha(d) way better emote culture and chat stylings way back in the day, and that era has never been topped.


No desu filter? That sucks.


Something I really dislike about western animated movies is that the big majority of them have songs
Most of the time I feel very annoyed when a character starts singing
A big reason why I haven't been able to enjoy those "golden era" disney movies
I don't mind if it's a single song at the beginning or end credits


Ugggggggggh, FUCK DISNEY


That kind of seems like a pain in the ass actually. I want to be able to watch the game in full screen with complete detail, while also being able to see some of the chat, instead of it being minimized so I can see even more of the chat. Also twitch on their website does have a scrollable chat I think.


Yeah, but then you have to deal with having a tiny baby dick. Is that what you want?


Although I have respect any cartoon that both makes you laugh and makes you think.
This cartoon did exactly that in 1943
Here's the song from the cartoon complete with a duck-quack-o-phone!


But actual disney is either too safe or ruins everything with a ""remake''''

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Yeah especially when it gives credit to naggers.net


I agree with Jody on everything except his opinion on Scarlet Johanson in the Ghost in the Shell film, but only because I think Japanese Bishoujo are more attractive than gaijins. But even a Japanese Bishoujo is nothing compared to a 2D Waifu with oppai the size of basketballs.
Even an animatronic dakimakura would have been better suited than Scarlet Johanson. or should I say anime-tronic!