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Animelon No.96

Learn Japanese and watch anime:

Seriously bros, make use of this site before they cease to be.


You can already just download anime and JP subs and watch it with Memento or another video player with pop-up dictionary. Or you know, just watch anime completely unsubbed.


Why would I want to do that when the site in the OP is a more convenient way to accomplish the same thing? It doesn't have a lot of the more normie anime, but there's something for everyone even some ecchi.


It has a tiny (~350 if I counted correctly) catalogue of available anime. Just check out the following sites for downloading JP subs (~2500 entries) or (~3000 entries).
Also streaming is gay and dumb, and you should torrent your media. Unironically viewing media locally is more convenient and gives you more freedom unless you're a zoomer who doesn't know how to torrent or something.