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you need to shill your chan more No.142

why aren't you shilling this place? new users aren't going to come out of nowhere, you need to either pay for ads on other chans or spam it everywhere like mega did with mewch

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I've been visiting this chan daily since January, I don't know if the admin is here but I like the design ww. spread the word I guess


how do i post thread


just like you post a comment but while on the catalog


what is the "key" field used for?


I'm here, I'm currently working on updating the image board software to include usability improvements, as well as support for embedding additional video platforms (like Vimeo and HookTube), and (you)s to keep track of replies you've received in threads.

Right now the key field can only be used to sage threads (by typing "sage"), but in the future it may be used with a password to generate a random username which can only be used in the same thread, and an identical password in the key field would generate a different name in an outside thread, for temporary persistent identity, if that's necessary for the thread.

I post the link on various chans every so often to promote neet.moe, but I dislike random spamming, because it's quite typically inconsiderate, even if it's necessary to bring more users.