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Lip skin tags = UNACCEPTABLE No.1564

Does it really save animators that much time to not color in the fangs? This looks so dumb to me. It doesn't bother me in black and white manga manga, bu in anime t I can't help but seeing this as some sort of weird extra bit of skin because the fangs are a different color from the rest of the teeth; they're the same color as the skin.


I think is meant to be an anime stylistic choice. It looks cute in manga 100% but I'm not sure if it works in anime too. Maybe depending on the character, I don't think the fangs in nagatoro were designed specifically to make her look cute
from looking at this video, I'd guess it does save time and they don't want to bother.

It looks weird and I could complain but I feel like is one of the little things that make anime unique, don't you think? I can get used to them.


It's a new thing though. In most older anime, even the cheap stuff, they had white fangs. I just don't buy that it saves that much time. It's like one studio realized they could get away with it and every anime has copied it since then


Next up is eye clipping through hair bangs.


haha imagine


I'd boycott the studio.


no game no life is the worst with this.


Guys, they fixed Uzaki-chan's skin-colored fang! It was literally the only flaw in what would otherwise have been a 10/10 anime.


Wait what? Praise be! 🙏


I like toothless dragon lolis personally.