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Spike Spiegel No.1655

Was he the ultimate simp or the ultimate MGTOW?

On one hand he explicitly says he hates women, kids, and animals multiple times throughout the series. He seems to just want to enjoy life while working as little as possible.

Then again, he frequently flirts with women and basically killed himself because he was sad his former best friend stole his gf.

Also Cowboy Bebop appreciation thread I guess.


Spike was a giant simp for Julia. He'd come running to her at the mere mention of her being somewhere. He's still a cool dude though.

What's your favorite episode? Ballad of Fallen Angels and Waltz for Venus are episodes I've Rewatches religiously.


Please shut the fuck up

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Either Mushroom Samba or Cowboy Funk. I like the silly stuff. What's your opinion on Space Dandy? I actually think it is on par with Bebop. Probably my two favorite works of art from any medium. It makes me so sad there can never be any more Bebop, but I understand that a third season would be awful. I've seen the 2nd and 3rd seasons of FLCL...

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