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Fuck! No.1846

This anime fucking turned me into a pedo, I didn't knew that Lolita's could be so arousing, but shit now am a pedo, how do I go back? How do I go back?!


So you want to fuck real kids?


You just discovered your real essence, now you will have to deal with it until your death, knowing that some splendid thing exist in the mortal world and you will never be capable of physically experience it, not just that, you will be persecuted and considerate to be worse than a monster if anyone discover, that's the price of the real forbidden fruit.


This is a good thing

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Just stick to drawn loli and don't be Canadian. You'll be fineeee


You always were one.


Because of spams?


>how do I go back?
You can learn here! https://lolichan.org/loli/