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Should I get a Dakimakura? No.1921

My brother said he would disown me If I ever got one. But I really want someone to cuddle at night. What do you think I should do?


The fuck does your brother's opinion matter? He sounds like he's already an asshole.


It depends on how much you need him.


I think your right, I've been trying to send him emails but he never got back to me. I guess I didn't even need a Dakimakura for him to disown me!
Do you know where I can get a Dakimakura of Ruto from LoZ?


Needlessly expensive, just look at an image on your phone while hugging your pillow


A quick search isn't bringing up anything but commissioning someone is always an option. In case you need a place to print a daki onto will print them on cheap dakis that might fit well on a US made body pillow or for a more authentic daki made for Japanese made pillows.


Wow this is awesome! I can finally turn my blender skills to a practical solution! too bad they don't sell 200 cm log dakimakura covers.
(I'm a bit of a daichan desu)


That's what I already do, but it's not the same as having a dakimakura in your arms.


Anyone know where I can get a Misaki Nakahara dakimakura, preferably a lewd one.


Ever since I got a daki of my wife, I sleep way much better. I didnt got something really expensive, I got it on aliexpress. I wouldn't recommend buying it there if you want some quality, but im a poorfag and it's still better than nothing. Check out the sticky on /a/'s buyfag threads, it could be much helpful.


Lmao you already should get a daki just for pure comfort, but it's a 100% yes if you can also troll your bro by getting one


Where can I get a neeko daki? She is the perfect NEET waifu.


how come you still live with brother in your 20's


fuck you ironic weeb.


Technically I don't, I left my family long ago after years of abuse, he's all I have left.
Shut up and get a sense of humor you retarded normalfag.