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were you ever happy? No.215

were you ever happy? and if not, do you think you will ever be? although most of my life was kinda shitty i did have some happy days. those times are just faint memories now though. i'm currently going thru the worst phase of my life so far. i've been in this state for 3 years now and it won't get better for at least another year. how about you anon? how are you doing?

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i'm exactly the same as you and i don't think it'll get better anytime soon, even if I get a job i'm just gonna be a shut-in, not because i want to though


I was once quite happy, until I feel for the wage meme and decided to move out from my parents house.

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I've been practically hikki for a few years now. Went full on neet last year and now I'm about to start a new job.
It's only so I can save up enough money to become a fulltime neet