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This is you.


And? It's based and 2Dpilled, deal with it. This is NEET land and we are proud of it. No roasties allowed.


No, I like men


I wish I was as enlightened as that Japanese guy. I'm stuck fucking a pathetic 3D gf that I don't even love, just for social validation. I can't live without that validation. I'm addicted to it.



gtfo of here, 3dpd-addicted normalniggers, you'll never rise up to the level of the enlightened nijikon hikki NEET. and fuck off to the garbage bin, all disgusting 3d pigs, you'll never be a 2d loli.


fuk yeah it is


funny that you attach a character that was used to portray 2d as bad for you


that only means that it was written by normalfags. that’s their mistake, not ours.


kys poser


your insult doesn't even make sense lmao


wagie zog toy


Based. 3D women are all too short and make worthless mothers/big sisters.
Real love between a male and a foid is a myth.
Hate is a virtue and we will use it to destroy the 3D cancer!
I hope transhumanism will destroy all the chads and foids and create planet shota, where little boys never grow up and all have a mommy/big sisters to feed us tendies and milky!
Some lolis may grow up, but all the boys stop growing around 9 years old. all adults have oppai the size of soccer balls and are softer than the morbidly obese cat I had when I was 6!


The way you write you don't sound proud of it, you sound like you are deeply ashamed. Normal anime neets don't write like this.


>idiot starts liking anime
>soon adopts anime as the main trait of his identity
>instead of enjoying the media wastes time finding other casuals talking about anime on social media
>suddenly realizes millions of other people like anime too
>angry about it because he realizes liking anime doesn't make him special
>arbitrarily pushes the date 'anime was good' back to match when he started liking anime
>conveniently ignores the fact anime is literally one of the biggest entertainment industries in the world for the past 30 years with billions of viewers
>can't cope with the fact anime is not a niche interest
>make this exact thread for the millionth time complaining how anime is bad now
>other casuals jump in because they're also idiots eager to echo chamber this shit
>still he can't cope
>becomes ironic weeb, growing ever more bitter and pathetic in the process
>eventually quits anime and move to something else

Every fucking casual.
Every fucking time.

That's how it goes with them. It's hilarious how OP fits the bill perfectly. It's like the internet is a clone factory for this type and the weak-minded falls prey of it. I've seen this too many times. It's hopeless for people like OP.

That's why we had one anime title as the highest-grossing movie worldwide recently, because the bar is so high this piece of entertainment is almost rocket science.

You moronic casuals come up with all this nonsense about anime in order to protect your fragile, ignorant inflated egos. You don't like anime, you just care about how it looks on you. It's pathetic. I can see through you, no point trying to wriggle your way out of this simple truth. It's too late for you anyway. You guys should just go ironic weebs already and crash and burn in some shit thread on 4chan, that's your destiny, just go.

Every fucking casual.
Every fucking time.
Every fucking casual.
Every fucking time.

It feels so good to genuinely like something, people like OP will never know. They just can't, it's over for them. No point even reading the responses itt honestly, I already know how it goes.


I went to a tiny anime con and realized I have nothing in common with the old bearded guys and the guys who've only seen 4 shows. It was still okay anyways even if I don't care about English VAs.

It should be okay to accept that you use anime to cope.