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how was your day today No.2656

tell me about your day! (or yesterday)


i'm losing my mind


First time watching the rigged WC today
Messi gets a fairy-tale ending


I played a lot of Stellaris, these fucking assholes called the contingency spawned in two areas right in the middle of my empire


I wasted it.


After losing my tabs I wasted it

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>decided to watch one piece
was not fun
>decided to read one piece
was not fun
>decided to play league
was not fun
>decided to watch a twitch stream
left because i was annoyed by the constant ads

aside from that, daijobu.
i don't know where i can find the fun.


i blogged about it already


You too <3


Yesterday was a blur, can't tell you what I did. I'm in the mood for a night walk right now but it's raining at the moment. Perhaps in a few hours.


The day is going pretty good.




Today was very bad for anon but i will probably apply for disability soon..


>Intellectually masturbated to bitcoin's rising value as I ate breakfast
>Jogged to the library
>Checked out some manga and bought a few books for $2
>Jogged to the Aldi for some booze and groceries on sale for $10
>Played Metal Saga on my retroid pocket 3+
>Prepared my garden for planting and mowed my lawn
>Drank beer while playing Rimworld and listening to the Whatever podcast

Damn it feels good to be a NEET


i started googling more anime retarded incel shooters with strong online presence who were retarded enough to discuss anime. but did quit searching after realizing those being fucked by kiwifarms, which is underage cow, and cow is dead.


dont do it. earn money and help others.


This anon woke up 5 am, listened to music, then exercised. Now waiting for a delivery to arrive (staple foods).
Sun is shining, antidepressant is working and anon is lurking. So... day is quite nice so far!


Can't tell if you're a human or an LLM trained on 4chan posts


Yesterday I did the usual things: browsing imageboards and reading a VN (in Japanese). But some things that don't happen every day also happened: I backed up my stuff to an external drive, I started a new anime (JP subs), I went outside (at night) to buy a birthday present for my brother, and I also found out that this site is up again.