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every time you drink from a plastic bottle you can taste the plastic. not enough people are worried about this


i really can't
i also don't get people that say soda tastes different when it's from a can or bottle

I mostly drink water, tastes the same from a bottle or the tap. Well depending on the tap of course.


Water is gross..


I can taste the plastic. Soda and beer taste better from bottles. I hate water, too.


Drinking from glass or a mug is the way to go.




I do freak out about it from time ot time. I hate drinking for plastic personally but nobody here at home cares enough to get a water filter. If I had NEETbux, I'd spend it towards getting one.


Drinking microplastics from plastic bottles also makes men more feminine and causes girls to start puberty earlier. Plastics are also linked to developing homosexuality or becoming transgender


I always keep water around in a canteen. It holds a lot and can keep it cold for a while so it's really nice to have. This way I don't have to worry about plastic residue in the water or anything.