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happy new years, anon! No.2707

even if you didn't do anything this year, i'm still proud of you 。+゚.。+。(´ω`*)♪♪

do you have any new years resolutions ?


suffer less


why is this site so dead?


idk, really wish it wasn't. kinda comfy here :kek:


The more active a site is, the worse it gets. Why does nobody understand that?


>The more active a site is, the worse it gets
that's not true at all
>Why does nobody understand that?
no one wants to understand gatekeeping incels omega males who have nothing else to do in life than pretend to be cool by being the worst loser


you're still here? well this board is owned by annoying retards now so it makes sense

>that's not true at all
yes it is.


well whatever keep posting your soyjaks or whatever. It's a lost cause here anyway so I have no reason to care


yeah i was posting all soyjaks and incel posts too, the ultimate shit machine


I see. Well, its your site now so have fun. Post about how you hate women and black people for the 20 millionth time while you're at it.


rofl i already said i don't care about blacks, I'm russian you dumbass
and i have a gf, though its been tough recently

if you want wizchan it exists. you are an incel and belong there.

this is not my site, the clique here liked to gaslight me for whatever reason so i fucked off. now they are playing dead as always, but cleaning this site every day every few hours.


don't forget to report posts containing things like "gf" etc and then gaslighting together with da cliq


I just assumed you'd post that kind of thing because you admitted yourself that you like shitting things up with shitty post like soyjaks and incel posts. /pol/ isn't a stretch. It's all the same thing anyway.

>if you want wizchan it exists
no thank you. these sites are for social butterflies, scumbags, and retards. Basically everyone I don't like to associate with. The ease of posting and anonymity making the barrier so low is the only reason i ever used them. but i know I have to move onto better things eventually. even though i have no idea what those would be or what the point would be.

everything is so pointless and bleak. There's nowhere worth being and nothing worth doing