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Hi, I'm anon, a man denied his imageboard.
My home has been expropriated, an officer from another town blacklisted me despite making some original content, and I find pet peeves with other locations I find on the long road
What is left for me now?


wait, this is /a/...


There’s like a handful of western imageboards that aren’t 4chan, go try those or see what sticks or just ban evade.


It's not very pretty to ban evade. It's just acknowledging the relationship between you and the admin is a bunch of shit and that you're open for confrontation.


Where was your home?


It was **I hope this works as I think it should work** **8chan**. I browsed mostly the smaller boards, especially /r9k/, but now I haven't seen them again. I'd have thought they would have gone to the other boards meant for them, but I haven't seen them yet. It's quite tragic.


I sailed on the ship until it's departure as well. However it wasn't home but merely a visitation resort of sorts. I think it was a big mistake to be taken down. But of course it's probably part of a bigger plan as well as a conspiracy. I know a lot of my smaller ventures have become much more crowded in the refugee crisis among those without a home. Sometimes I just really consider myself a drifter as I've never truly known a "home" in the dystopia of reality or on the wired. It's been a lonely path these decades of surfing.


You could try /liz/.


why didnt you go join them in their bunker? what brings you here?


I browse all the bunkers, I even host the zeronet imageboard but it's just sad how it all came down to this. They're just not the same. I cannot believe this, but I actually miss the glowdarks that were there calling out for violence and people just being incredibly mad, things have been very quiet after the shutdown. That and the smaller boards which are harder to find, but it seems they very very slowly are coming back. Hosting the zeronet only to see how it started to lose traction for the clearnet boards also made me feel quite like shit.
>what brings you here?
I remembered this place from a while. I'm quite thankful of it, you seem to be very cozy but it doesn't feel forced unlike some other place that I know . I hope it stays the same for the rest of time. >>290
I do and I post frequently on there, but is also why I say that I haven't seen them again. Post traction after 8E-8ig8han was deplatformed didn't change at all, so it makes me think that robots who didn't find the bunkers killed themselves. I really hope they didn't.


Some 8channers are on 64ch.net now. It's shit, but it's relatively fast, compared to boards like this one at least. If activity is what you're looking for that's probably where you should go


9chan.us aka Infinity Next is up now.




shit and dead board


Hello anon, come visit me at cchan.cba.pl, I will not blacklist you


I paid a visit.


thank you my friend


i too am a man denied his image board, this one seems nice so ill stick around


holycuck I remember 64ch the kid who made it was like 14 edgy /b/fag and knew some fucked up people online trying to get anons to kill themselves by continual swatting etc.
The kid was fine though.


im here cause the of the captcha in 4chink, i think mods are fucking with me and giving me aids slideless captcha wich is fucking unsolvable and im a poor nigger fag so im not buying the stupid pass


Thinking about 8chan reminds me of the times when other imageboards were active and thriving outside of cuckchan. Imageboards these days are either too slow, rulecucked or invaded by normalfags.


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