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why do people hate on anime so much?


To put it simply, they are biased.


i know thats the case but i dont even know where to begin to explain how the whole anime stigma is retarded. I guess i should just be glad its hated and not mainstream or else it would be ruined just like everything else


I think it would be like gaming if it was mainstream. The subculture is secondary imo


i dont know if you can make it analogous to gaming, especially if you look at animated TV shows as a whole




anime is sometimes gay


anime is usually gay



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because the manga was better




pph +1


anime makes me feel nice


== ==


Redditards and normalfags. More specifically, post-2015 reddit. I don't know what the fuck happened, but reddit grew to be insanely hostile towards nerd culture. My guess is that youtubers like Filthy Frank and I Hate Everything had something to do about it. I used to dislike reddit back then, but now I full on hate them, and I will dedicate my life to take them down.


Normalfags cant handle it, when there are people who are different. They always talk about liberalism, but in the end, they cant stand it, when there is one person, who doesnt agree with their worldview. Those Normalfags can be found on the left and the right. These are the NPC's. Animals. Worms. Creatures of low consciousness. 3th dimensional.


what do you mean, anime is mainstream especially with the younger generation just look at the netflix trash and ironic weeb culture on social media apps, e.g. tiktok, instagram and facebook. The only people that don't "like" anime are usually the older gens.


its much better for them to hate it than it is for them to enjoy it


Why do people respond to year old threads?


because the threads are still here and so am i. no sense in making new ones if we still have the old ones, no?


Why not?


Anime along with everything else is ruined. How do we save it?


by watching more of it and and not joining in on the anime circle jerks on reddit, twitter, facebook, etc


I don't use social media at all. If anyone here actually does, they are disgusting.


Then you’d know the Japanese have shit taste and that a westerner screaming online can do nothing about anime or anything really. Also, imageboards are social media.


>imageboards are social media


I know imageboards users want to be special and own the normalfags but literally any communication to people through the WWW and even the internet is social media.


youre like annoying kid in science class who corrects everybody when they say the word "cold" and tells them that cold doesnt exist, its just the lack of heat

anyways, your definition of social media needs a little fine tuning its too broad


Hey, I’ve never said “not an argument”. Just saying that the people who circlejerk about social media being bad are doing it from social media.
You’re right, I’m splitting hairs and most people mean corporate Web 3.0 botnets, I am just being a little shit. But it just reminds me of people anti tech people who try to spread their messages through the internet.


I don't hate anime, just the fanbase. People like you for example are obnoxious retards that base their flimsy personality around posting anime girls on dead imageboards.

In fact I really like anime. But I could do well without literal retards like you. And your kind misinterprets the hatred towards your annoying online presence as hatreds towards the medium (although there probably REALLY are some that hate the medium because they thought that it can't be worth shit if only pseudoironic retards can't shut up about it)


there are different flavors of anime fan, and I really hope you don't multiply.
there's already the dumbass "I love games, I hate gamers" crowd and I really hope that mentality doesn't spread to anime.
here's an anime girl to upset your psuedointellectual ass.


>posting anime girls on dead imageboards

Uncalled for and simply rude tbh



'When the P'eng journeys to the southern darkness, the waters are roiled for three thousand li. He beats the whirlwind and rises ninety thousand li, setting off on the sixth month gale." Wavering heat, bits of dust, living things blowing each other about – the sky looks very blue. Is that its real color, or is it because it is so far away and has no end? When the bird looks down, all he sees is blue too.

If water is not piled up deep enough, it won't have the strength to bear up a big boat. Pour a cup of water into a hollow in the floor and bits of trash will sail on it like boats. But set the cup there and it will stick fast, for the water is too shallow and the boat too large. If wind is not piled up deep enough, it won't have the strength to bear up great wings. Therefore when the P'eng rises ninety thousand li, he must have the wind under him like that. Only then can he mount on the back of the wind, shoulder the blue sky, and nothing can hinder or block him. Only then can he set his eyes to the south.

The cicada and the little dove laugh at this saying, "When we make an effort and fly up, we can get as far as the elm or the sapanwood tree, but sometimes we don't make it and just fall down on the ground. Now how is anyone going to go ninety thousand li to the south?

If you go off to the green woods nearby, you can take along food for three meals and come back with your stomach as full as ever. If you are going a hundred li, you must grind your grain the night before; and if you are going a thousand li you must start getting together provisions three months in advance. What do these two creatures understand? Little understanding cannot come up to great understanding; the short-lived cannot come up to the long-lived.

The little quail laughs at him, saying, "Where does he think he's going? I give a great leap and fly up, but I never get more than ten or twelve yards before I come down fluttering among the weeds and brambles. And that's the best kind of flying anyway! Where does he think he's going?" Such is the difference between big and little.'

The hatred normalfags have for anime is simply a mark of just how shallow, how small they truly are. Smile and do as you please - for you are not going to let some mouth-breathing, vapid trash dictate what joys you can have in life.


Because it's not advertised and normalized toward the normies,people would literally watch avengers and think another anime is way over the top with effects and that fights are unrealistic (an actual argument that was a retard i know stated when talking about this same issue)


The consensus is that cartoons are for children and adults who didn't grow out of it are retarded or just extremely immature. I don't believe that. I'm just talking from the perspective of "normies" or whatever you want to call them.


If only more people would realize that 2D > 3D.


I never understood why normies hate it to such an extreme degree, they go out of their way for it and I don't understand why.


This image is enchanting and I come here daily to look at it. Thank you for posting such a cute image.


Nowadays its not as hated as much, I dont understand why people try to spread anime, let it stay niche. New anime fans are starting to ruin the culture and uniqueness of anime.


It doesn't recurse like that, retard.


Ever wonder why 3D has such a passionate hatred for anime? Nearly every anime passes the Bechdel test. Anime can actually be rather misandrist with how bland male characters are compared to how much depth the female characters have. If you think about it for a second, you'll realize moe anime basically combines the average 3D's two favorite things: reality TV (thots hanging out with no narrative) and cute adorable things. So why did thots try to get anime banned from Patreon? Why do they constantly accuse anyone who likes anime of being a pedo? What is this really about?

It's simple: they're jealous. They'll never be that cute. They'll never experience genuine friendship. They're afraid of becoming obsolete. Guess it sucks for them lol


I love the aesthetic but sadly anime is fairly trash and if you are anything but a newfag to anime you would have watched everything good.
I like my moe now that is just mindless shit.
I read manga for good stories and if I wanted to truly think I woud read some heavy philosophy


This post sums it up pretty well. Anime fans on imageboards behave like retards and annoy everyone around them. It's not that people don't like anime, it's that they don't like the shallow people who post it every where all the time for no reason.

Almost all anime is shit, but there is a special level of shit for moe blob animes. Which is what the retards constantly posting anime obsess over. They're like furries posting Sonic OCs but worse because at least those weird OCs had some creativity put into them. They weren't just whatever random girl some fag jerked off to this week because he's such a miserable failure at everything his entire personality is escaping through cartoon girls.


you just hate anime


>Anime can actually be rather misandrist with how bland male characters are compared to how much depth the female characters have
I would have thought it was because the guy characters are often the butt of a lot of jokes if they aren't perfect gary stus.


Anime characters don't have depth at all any more. They're card board cut outs made to sell junk to lonely guys. Anime is now in a "data base" stage where anime is designed not to tell a story but to appeal to a demographic's consumerism. Instead of "Action fantasy anime" or "Post apocalypse survival anime", it's become "Anime with Asuka type girl and Rei type girl". You're ticking boxes for people looking just for those boxes to be ticked. Everything becomes harem/moe because it covers the largest data base archtypes for maximum merchandising.


Why are you on a board filled with people who like anime if you hate anime so much?


Why can you not make a post without a poorly drawn cartoon attached to it?


yeah, the people that come to anime centered imageboards and complain about anime are weird, just leave.


Because I like to attach nice images to my posts for people to enjoy. I answered your question now you answer mine.


I greatly enjoy the images you attach to your posts anon


Dont complain OP. I'd rather have people hate anime than have normies ruin it


Because I still like some aspects of anime. Like Jujutsu kaisen looks pretty neat and I'm going to give that a watch, but in general anime has always sucked. And westerners who like anime are usually terrible people no one wants to associate with.


Why should people leave? You shit up every board you go near with anime. Completely unrelated to gook toons and you shit them up. You deserve your board to be overrun by normies who hate anime.

I'm going to go post this board all over Reddit's anime and NEET subs.


I remember that we used to have a kana captcha here years ago which made it more challenging for normal people to post. Might not be a bad idea to bring it back.


It's honestly funny seeing people mad at the mere existence of anime.


I can solve that, kana is easy.

Have you ever worked in Japan? It's full of soy filled faggots like you who can barely string two moon runes together.


I used to hate it because I thought they were too loud, repetitive and a little unoriginal
Now I haven't watched any in a long time so I don't hate it


It's for betas that need things.
Those with souls have no desires.




A lot of the new stuff looks samey
And the colors are too saturated


IHE is based.




Reddit cringe