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Welcome To The NHK No.417

What do NEETs think of Welcome To The NHK?


I enjoyed it when I watched it recently. Being set in the mid 2000s, it has a charm the same story set in today's world wouldn't have.


I enjoyed watching it years ago, but for some reason it gave me immense anxiety and made me depressed while I watched it. No idea why


Same here.


I agree.


yeah, a good product of its time
same, I remember not wanting to keep watching it the next day after I watched the first 3 episodes. but after I got over it, it was a nice ride.


also the mmo arc was the best


Have you guys read the original light novel?


I haven't. I actually saw a hard copy on sale at a bookstore, but it was the Vietnamese translation.


I have, I still think the anime is the superior version though

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I have, but after the anime. I think more than anything it made me feel sad. I wish I had a friend like Yamazaki to fight and do drugs and make an eroge with...


>I wish I had a friend like Yamazaki to fight and do drugs and make an eroge with
Same especially for the eroge.


I know how you feel.


>I enjoyed it when I watched it recently. Being set in the mid 2000s, it has a charm the same story set in today's world wouldn't have.
Why do people romanticize the mid-2000s so much?


Everything went to shit after the 2005-2007 period.

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they were the last years before the internet took over, it was a nice middle ground between technology and real life but after 2010 the internet became a part of real life, I knew it was all over when I heard my parents say the word ¨meme¨. I also like the dark/edgy aestethic from the mid 2000s, elfen lied, death note, the nhk ed, guilty gear +r, etc.
don't be so negative.


not that anon but i fully agree with you, after 2010-2011 the (normies) began infesting the internet and ruining it, i dont even know what websites i can go to that really relish in tradional internet culture.


I listen to the OP almost every month, it still makes me feel stuff.
>they were the last years before the internet took over, it was a nice middle ground between technology and real life but after 2010 the internet became a part of real life
I have noticed an interesting trend about this, there seems to be a lot of sympathy for anti-technology (both from bipartisan reactionaries who want to return to simpler times and people who dislike it for destroying a lot of jobs) views on the internet and I am sure the irony of this is not lost on the adherents.
I just find it amusing that almost everything anyone could ever want is at your fingertips, usually for free but people find problems with it, this isn't a shut up and be happy post, I'm genuinely curious about this phenomenon because it's interesting.
I would dismiss it as a subculture like the cyberpunk weirdos but it's even in the mainstream with the big social media sites losing significant users.


The norms ruined the internet sure, but it's not like most of them chose to. My Boomer mother who might as well be a grandmother except she's never getting grandkids only uses the internet to check her email for church bulletins. Our family is very dysfunctional so the last time she got to use a computer it was in a class with Windows ME. People like her are forced into using the internet because everything is done through there now. You can't even apply for a job without it.
People cannot handle the truth. That truth in this case is too much knowledge similar to oversocialization. This also includes finding out how doomed you really are despite all the online advice on pulling yourself up by your bootstraps. It's also a lot easier to pretend someone is out there for you without having seen the average social media post. People today may "live like kings" but do they really? Quality of live isn't free even on the internet which is why most websites are shitholes. It's draining being forced to interact with ugliness through a screen.


>don't be so negative
Am I wrong though?


Not every thread needs to be about the decline of the internet.


>Everything went to shit after the 2005-2007 period.

The decline started in 2008/2009 but things for the most part were still pretty good back then it wasn't until after early 2010 that everything started going to complete shit and by 2012 we had lost everything and the world started becoming what it is today and the old internet was officially dead.


sounds like you guys need to visit


sounds like you guys need to visit


Lel that sounds like something that would put me on a government list


Yomi is thick not fat


You're clearly younger than I am. But I can see where someone who is would be coming from with that statement. Things didn't hit a whole new level of just plain awful until after 2012. Almost feels as if the world truly did end that year. I'm glad that a lot of people can acknowledge how bad the internet is though. It doesn't have to be a negative like >>463 tried to pin it has a negative situation. It can be a chance of those who want to reject the modernism of today to change the shape of our own corners of the internet for the better as well as educate those who are younger and didn't get to experience the glory days. Maybe even shift things further than we can fathom for a better tomorrow. I don't know.


Everyone knows the internet went to crap because of Shii promoting Yukkuri abuse.


i dont mean to be pessimistic but I really dont think theres any chance of the old internet coming back. People like us are relegated to websites like this with a dozen or so other people on them posting once a day if youre lucky. Having a slow site isnt a bad thing, but it would be nice to be a little more active. Id say our best bet is to somehow get these smaller sites a little better known, I think the advertisements constantly on the board are faggy and annoying, but I would be lying if I didnt say Ive checked out and even stayed at some websites because I saw them advertised


I'm always usually pessimistic, so no need to worry about coming off that way. I have been trying to keep a small glimmer of hope despite understanding full well that it's futile. I agree, it's comfy being slow but wanting to have a discussion will remain constant at times. It would be nice to get this place more well known without bringing along a lot of bad problems with that though.


The animation got distracting by the second half.
The suicide pact thing made me cry.
That's all I remember.


>You're clearly younger than I am. But I can see where someone who is would be coming from with that statement.

I am 27 and have been using the internet and computers since i was a toddler in the mid 90s.


honestly the anime declined after the suicide island episode. I dont know what it is but the MMO arc was total shit in my eyes. I dont knwo what it was about it but it marked a serious tonal shiftt, but maybe it was just cope from my end.


the mmo neet was my favorite part. Even more than the suicide pact. I also loved the ending and I really thought sato was going to die when the music started playing, it was really epic and I cried (again). sometimes I open the folder with the anime and watch a random episode until I get bored, is more ¨cartoony¨ and less serious than I remember when I watched it for the first time.


>mid 90s
You were using the internet and doing anything relevant at 2-4 years old. Sorry, that just isn't even a true statement at all. I myself was a kid during that time and didn't even start having any relevancy with my computing until closer to around '97/'98. Had my first computer in 1995 with the popularity of Win95.


Well you can believe whatever you want but it is true i have no reason to lie i have been using computers and the internet since 1996/1997.


i'm imagining you as a 3 year old using one of those big old monitors hehehehehehe


Fun times. I would watch my dad program FORTRAN in the mid nineties. I didn’t pick up any programming of my own until a few years later in the early twenties.


The MMO arc felt like the story getting derailed, honestly. Just a distraction to the inevitable end of most NEETs.
If you work you die but you die if you don't work, even if it's just part-time.


she needs more fanart


I agree also i have always wanted pic related.


Honestly the novel is better.


LOL yeah i know it is odd to picture.


Get the fuck out of here WT Kuz nobody wants to visit your shitty attempt at reviving 4chan 2006 which btw cannot be done you cannot get those golden years back stop trying to recreate the magic image boards once had because you will never get it back faggot.


Anyone read the novel? I wasn't a fan of the drug angle but I liked a lot of the monologues.


Can't blame them for trying.


Maybe Yamazakis not real - in the book at least. Remember how when they went to the elementary school Yamazaki disappeared when Misaki came, and when they were in the park fighting a stranger was walking by and ran away screaming or something. And I don't remember Misaki or anyone else ever acknowledging him.


Doesn't really work


No wait, it's dead, my bad.


It's a bad NEET power fantasy they added a slightly dark edge to. It's shallow, doesn't lead any where and ultimately isn't worth the time to watch. It's like being a linkin park fan in the early 00s, at the time you really like them but reflecting back on it after you grow up more it was stupid.

The book's intro is weird, it tells you not to hold Jews accountable, it's all just a conspiracy theory they're responsible for the economy sucking and such. Wonder why someone would defend Jewish bankers so hard while promoting a suicidal life style that ruins you and prevents you from finding happiness.


it wasn't promoting it


Look at the thread and how many NEETs latch onto the series. It was promoting it if they intended to or not.


The message of the series is literally "NEET lifestyle bad"
if people here latch onto it is because they find it relatable (and sad). I've even seen people saying they dislike it because of that.


And Eva's message was escapism and wallowing in self pity is bad. Now look how Eva's turned out.. exposing an idea to the light is promoting it.


yeah because those ideas weren't already a problem exposed to the light, you're an idiot to be honest


Hikkikomori wasn't really mainstream when Welcome to NHK was written. It was still a few years off doing so. And making an anime, which is nothing but pandering to NEETS shows a complete lack of awareness and caused more otaku retardation than the book ever could have.

The author got rich off of the book, joined a cult and then ended up back as a NEET after losing all the money too.


He's still writing

anyways you're objectively wrong if you think it promotes the neet lifestyle. bye


You're objectively a retard if you don't understand why it promotes neet lifestyle. A real anti-neet show wouldn't be popular with neets.


its coming back.


everything is 404'd


>HTTP is o-kay


Mediocre. Read the manga it's so much better.

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>Not the novel.
>Mfw I can't upload it.


Why can't you upload it? What's stopping you?


hey so essentially the whole message of this show is that all your problems will be solved if you just get a gf right? I know at the end sato says none of his problems were solved but when you think about it Misaki fixed everything for him and was essentially his reason for living.


That's what I got from it. The conclusion had me fucked up. I found it decently enjoyable until then. I don't know if that was supposed to be genuine advice.
Only watched the anime by the way.


I enjoyed it but the manga is better.


The manga sucks.


It's optimism detached from reality.


The whole point was that he had thought he found the one true conspiracy, and that because he saw the world with eyes wide open he could definitively say that the conspiracies outside the NHK were bogus. Satou was always a pretty unreliable narrator.

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me too
I wish I had someone like Misaki in my life. to cuddle and test my kusogames that I enjoy making for some reason.


I thought the conclusion was to have human connections as your reason for living. not necessarily to get a gf but to make ¨contracts¨ with people and join the NHK.

> exposing an idea to the light is promoting it.
>A real anti-neet show wouldn't be popular with neets.
this is like those religious zealots that criticized Dostoyevsky at the time for exploring human suffering and questioning faith when his message was that Nihilism doesn't work in the end.
NHK does a similar thing exploring how bad the neet lifestyle can get. It is popular with neets for that reason like anon mentioned >>878.


its okay. I liked the episode where satou almost got peer pressured into killing himself that was funny. anyway i cant relate to him because he actually has friends and can play an mmo for more than 5 minutes without getting bored.

i only watched the anime though because im a faggot. i have a hunch the novel or manga are better because anime is mostly just terrible adaptions of better source material


The novel is really good. It doesn't have all the arcs that the anime does, but it explores the bad things far more and uncensored. I have not read the manga, but read the novel and watched the anime.

You can read it here, it's a pretty quick read imho.
Here's also a cover someone made for the song he wrote included in the novel.


im reading alot of other stuff but i think i'll check it out at some point. i wanted to actually buy it physically but it costs so much. that songs really good thank you for linking it


here's the pdf from zlibrary




I got a weird feeling every time they had him muttering "it's all a conspiracy," as if they were trying to say it's insane to think special interests engineer society toward their own goals and don't give a fuck how many eggs they break along the way (past rendering their goals unachievable, that is).


it was good in 2006 and 2007. 2008 - got translated to my language which sucked because it was done by imageboard cliques who even created a board on one of the biggest chans because of it. It was actually decent tbh


and an MMD model.

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Gay anti-NEET propaganda.


kys niggerkraut!