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Imageboard Otaku


Yeah, I remember when that board was new and fun. It was nice. Just another lesson in why gatekeeping is important destined to fall on deaf ears.


I check 4taba. Boards like these are more an opportunity for programmers to develop an IB script than anything else.


4taba is run by the same person though


I know which is why I mentioned it. He took it over from the original dev and keeps it on life support.


it was down for a bit, idk the lore on it.
the meta board is a mess theres spill over from julayworld /cow/ and 8chan.moe even kiwi farms drama ( if you wonder why thats odd its not an imageboard lel it wasnt 9chan.tw )
i saw at the bottom they are linked to tinyboard and nftp,
what am i missing?


>I saw at the bottom they are linked to tinyboard and nftp
I’m pretty sure that’s because it’s his revamp of vichan.


on the plus side, its comforting to hear that im not the only one who feels that way about it