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Just came out of a rabbithole about how denuvo is cracked. A frequent-interv…
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Windows 11 Update
This just popped up on my monitor without warning. It took control away from…
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>BeepBox is an online tool for sketching and sharing instrumental melodie…
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Which browser does NEET use on PC and/or phone?
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Passion projects
Been doing any tinkering lately? Got any interesting ideas? This thread does…
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why can't I learn to code?
I've been doing tutorials and tinkering with various projects for 7 year…
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I always seed my torrents to a 10 ratio minimum and you should too. You like…
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Admin(?) is working on a new imageboard software:…
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Making cyberpunk real
The world can be a pretty boring place, and there is rarely any financial in…
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The GPT-3 model
Is it correct as it pertains to
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Lets show our love for one of the greatest systems ever made!
Only Amiga makes it possible. itt lets talk about our favorite games, cool d…
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Daily reminder to stretch your hands!
Hello anons, please remember to stretch and excercise your hands to prevent …
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Choose the red pill
and never forget
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Whats the technology to draw correct in perspectiv
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/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread
Hello neatles What are you working on?
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COVID19 is FAKE. The virus is FAKE! The very concept of germs/viruses has n…
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This Anime Does Not Exist
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I actually started to believe that Apple Hardware and Software are actually …
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I have fully free time of a day because I'm neet. So I decided to make …
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How many of you view this website on desktop or a phone? Just curious what /…
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Would you be interested in migrating to LynxChan? It would offer better feat…
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Do you guys pirate software and games? I pirate pretty much all my entertain…
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if you had a spaceship capable of reaching relativistic speeds and getting t…
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Shithub changes default branch from master to main
Why is everything so fucking stupid, /g/?
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Just going to drop this right here :)
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Site Design
This site, its so simple, its so simple and beautiful.
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C programming
Any of u into C?
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no idea what to do next can someone help me /g/
where i can find ideas of projects to do im completely lost and have no idea…
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Why are flying vehicles like planes or helicopters so much more expensive th…
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I think it is time I leave.
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Why is this site being run by cloudfare? I demand answers!
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Good IRC networks
henlo frens, i am a frequent user of IRC and I was wondering if we could sha…
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/robowaifu/ wants you
The future is now, anon. AI, robotics, and material science have reached…
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Ok Admin-kun, this has gone on long enough. First make a hidden field on the…
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Malicious spam on slow boards
There's already a load of ads here, but there doesn't seem to be a l…
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Greetings from The cafe's always open Anon, so don…
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Big list of imageboards easily sortable…
Replies: 0 best tech/cyberpunk board
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I thought this problem would go away on its own, but it hasn't after sev…
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Don't forget about me, anon-kun!
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