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Shithub changes default branch from master to main No.108

Why is everything so fucking stupid, /g/?




Does it really matter what they call it? I don't care if it's called primary or vagina.


I don't have a problem with it. Modern people are spoiled anyways.


I immediately set my

git init.defaultBranch

config option back to master as soon as the change went live.


Why has everything nowadays have to be /pol/? Anon does not care, because anon has no RL contacts. Let them do their thing. Let me do mine. As long as the autism-bux keep coming anon is fine with it (and laughs). Mankind is pretty fuarrked no matter what. Politics is just... a hobby for people who like getting upset? At least that what it feels like.


It isn't just a hobby for most, this is serious, pressing business for a lot of people because of the idea of how personal politics color everything done. That's where the whole everything is political thing comes from, it's a pretty complicated topic. is a good little discussion on it.
It doesn't really matter because most people on imageboards are withdrawals regardless.

As for OP's complaint, most of the imageboard crowd already stopped using github because of the Microsoft purchase anyway.


Why so doubleposting? Anon still doesn't care about weird leftwing politics, 3rd wave feminism/blackl ifes matter stuff. GNU and open source people always had a little hang to the lef, they're the socialists of Software to be honest. What i want to say is: Why bother? Panta rhei my friend. These times will pass too. Thanks for the link, gonna read it later. Anon is too drunk to seriously discuss anything tonight.


He could have a broken mouse.


One of many possible reasons.



Double posting still shouldn’t be possible; there’s a small post cooldown period that’s applied while posting. I’ll need to fix that - I just haven’t been able to reproduce it yet.


One thing I have noticed is that until recently the open-source GNU crowd used to be able to contain their spaghetti regarding non-technology related politics. Even stallman, who is a communist, had a wide-appeal because he kept that separate. I think his fear of plants turned more people off to him than his personal views.
I don't keep up with the scene anymore but it sounds like they can't do that anymore


You can't expect people to contain their autism forever.


I accidentally doubleposted in a few threads could be a problem with my bloated browser.