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How many of you view this website on desktop or a phone? Just curious what /g/‘s device of choice is.


Only desktop

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Phoneposters are stinky!


Desktop or my laptop. My phone doesn't connect to the internet.


What phone do you use?


I use a wi-fi tablet but also desktop and phone.


I only have a landline. lol


posting with a phone is a pain so i don't use imageboards when i'm on my phone but i don't have anything against phonefriends.


Typically more of a nuisance to post on image boards with your phone, but it isn't so bad here. I just wish I could dismiss the post dialog to quote multiple posts.


Only desktop / laptop. I hardly ever use my phone tbh.


I only use my phone, as I don't get much privacy I wouldn't want someone to see what I do on my pc
Once something unfortunate happened


What happened anon?


I feel asleep with my pc on, then someone saw a porn pic


Do you live in a library?


As I said before, I don't get much privacy, I was in my bedroom, I didn't expect someone to watch me sleep
And also, my setup is weird




desktop, duh!


i still live with my parents, so i dont get much privacy either. my bedroom is in the basement, but its more of an open floor plan so there really isnt much seclusion as to what they can't see. i dont like using my phone so i ended up just going for one of those anti-glare "screen protectors" from 3M that make it look like you computer is off from the side. works perfectly with my monitor facing the wall. the only way i feel like i can truly work and be myself in this kind of setting is for me to be the sole person receiving information, no idea if that is normal


GNU/Linux based videogame console.
runs quake and doom nicely.


Only desktop. I have a phone and it's connected with internet, but I use it rarely.


mainly on the phone cause im a lurker and i like to lay in bed


I use it on both my Pinephone and my PC depending on whether I'm at work or not. Can't load this on my work PC because occasional NSFW images are posted.


Phone. I don't know why I like using it more then my pc.


Most websites are designed for mobile now though some are so bloated they only load properly on a PC. Unless you are picky about input method, it mostly comes down to the screen. I have used a desktop, a phone, a tablet, and a desktop connected to a TV to browse here. The phone is most intimate experience.


PC via a vpn. I don't trust my phone when visiting the internet's shadier websites, in fact I prefer not to use it to browse the web anymore than I have to.
Don't ever change, quake-neet!