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Why are flying vehicles like planes or helicopters so much more expensive than cars? I would imagine a car isn't much easier to manufacture.


it is easier to manufacture. flying machines are fighting an active battle against gravity, a force constantly pushing down. cars are just going forward. they're going forward really fast, yeah, but they're not fighting gravity at all. it's like the difference between rolling a shopping cart forward, and picking it up.

the inside of a car is complicated but the inside of an airplane or a helicopter is ridiculous even in comparison to that. that's the reason why you can make a car interface that's ultimately just two pedals and a steering wheel but helis and planes have these sci-fi esque levers and buttons everywhere.


That and cars are more massed-produced making them even cheaper to make.


Vroom vroom... beep


I don't know why the fuck this made me look up plane prices. I can't even afford a used car


Driving is for degenerates


Look into ultralight planes like that one the Nazis used to shuttle people around.


Have you SEEN the inside of a plane in the cockpit? The part that has all the controls for the pilot? Driving a plane is complicated.

For starters planes have to have radar, GPS and air traffic control, and cars don't need that. Before GPS got invented people happily drove cars for decades without getting lost by using an A-Z book.


They're a lot more complex and aren't mass produced like caes


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