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/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread No.260

Hello neatles

What are you working on?


Currently reading On Lisp, but I'm devoid of strong purpose.


(I (really (don't (care (for (lisp))))))

I'm sure the expressiveness of Lisp dialects is really powerful though. I should sit down sometime and explore it more.


There may be a lot of parentheses but it feels like sinking into
an ocean. I want my words to have more weight by making some
significant projects full of parentheses though.

The barrier to Lisp is rather high, so do be prepared when you go
down it. Here's the usual introductory book that I enjoyed:


You'll want to do all of the exercises, otherwise you won't get
much out of it.

Are you exploring anything at the moment?


Don't laugh, but I like Rust lately. It's a great systems language. The build system alone is why I like it so much. If I never have to write another autotools or CMakeLists.txt build file again, I'll be happy. I avoided Rust for years, the community is really fucking gay.


With enough screeching autism I'm sure rust has some redeeming qualities.
The longevity of rust concerns me, but if it gives me projects like https://tauri.studio/en/ then go for it.
Have anything in mind you're using it for?

Since you mentioned tooling, I'm reminded of this.
Although I am not sure if it is useful.

Thought of learning rust, but lisp's propaganda has me hooked.

Rust is also the frontrunner in WASM development, I suppose
i.e. https://github.com/bakape/meguca


Python & Flask textboard. Hopefully the performance won't be awful. If it is, I'll probably switch to another web framework in another language.


What would you switch to?
I was thinking of checking out php for web stuff.
It's unfortunate there aren't more textboards.
I have a couple I visit but they're usually dead.


PHP should die out tbf. I used to love it, years ago. Unironically I think Rust is better for web stuff. A lot of healthy frameworks


stupid bash scripts to automate quake demo rendering with qpov. don't ask.


I used to work on several (unreleased) quake mods, years ago. What are your biggest frustrations with the limitations of the quake engine?

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quakec isn't turing complete though it still is pretty powerful as one of my projects is based on the quakec of arcane dimensions mainly for it's particle system which is a massive hack since the native particles tend to be rather inflexible hence the use of 1x1 pixel sprites. another annoyance is that only one global variable is shared between maps, makes making hubs hell but this is fixed with quake 2 and real C, one thing i think is rather disappointing is that colored lighting in software mode is not supported on POSIX systems there is a retroarch solution but it's quite old which brings me to the fact I used to hate the fact that when in software mode complex geometry caused the map to render badly, however this is fixed with a recent version of tyrquake and yq2. one thing that I despise is that Qbism super8 is WINDOWS ONLY, I run GNU and BSD on several different architectures including RISC systems and sorry supporting wine isn't cross platform support. do you think I'm a masochist anon?


I dunno. The answer depends on why you're working with a 25 year old platform like quake at all. For me it seemed like if I could do all the things I should've done back in the late 90's, I could somehow fix my life in the present. Working with quake became like traveling back in time to correct the past.
Eventually I realized how foolish this was and stopped using quakec, then stopped working on gaming stuff altogether.

Also, best/most impressive quake map ever?


I like quake because muh freedoms and also FTE is probably going to be my next target since it supports quake1 ,2 ,3 and hexen 2.
Best map ever? hard to say since I've done a lot of them, I like the map I based on my old school campus, I recently made a tropical archipelago which was the best possible ending in my game. (the bad ending was a cybernetic hell filled with lava) I also made a map with Albanian bunkers which was pretty good it had lots of enemies and exploding barrels that I had fun blowing myself up with!
In a quake2 based project im currently working on probably a map based on my old house and I've made a whole hub based on code lyoko with all the different sectors and monsters too.


stop ruining perfectly good threads with your stupid CP spam!
mods LART him!


Trying to create a blockchain from scratch in django. The goal is basically a decentralized constitution with built-in voting, a dispute system, a proposal system, and UBI distribution. I'm not entirely sure how the app is supposed to pull information from every block to generate a constitutional display.

Also 3D AI pathfinding in Godot. The default navmesh functionality isn't as bad as people say, but it definitely doesn't work for a very vertical space and my game is all about vertical cities, using movement gear (hookshot/glider/hoverskis/skateboards/etc) to navigate it, and actually fun chase sequences. Any suggestions?


Please don’t use Python


Ok but can I get some feedback on my ideas first?


the python syntax is crap but it gets the job done


Ideas are probably sound, just Python is the wrong tool for this kind of task. Limit Python usage to basic scripting tasks. The Python tooling and ecosystem is terrible.


based python is good if you need a simple job done quick but PHP and C are best for more serious tasks


Would avoid PHP too


Why? PHP 5 was a mess and there was a lot of utterly flawed and insecure code going around back in the day, but it's actually pretty good for its intended purpose (web stuff) nowadays.


I like PHP a lot, but people online dislike it no matter what.
I'm messing around with a microframework called Flight right now, it's pretty comfy.
NodeJS is faster though, but I enjoy PHP way more as a hobbyist.


I'm a brainlet who can only barely Python, I'm trying to learn PyQT so I can try to create replacements for some proprietary stuff I have and hopefully contribute something to the world.


Modern PHP isn't much better.

I got my start with web dev using PHP ~15ish years ago, I loved it then but it isn't great now with hindsight. The tooling/package management is terrible with PHP, same with Ruby/Python etc. So much of the environment depends on how your system is configured. I highly advise against it.

Rust is probably the greatest language for building web stuff now. Go is alright, but I don't enjoy it.


Actually closer to 20 years. God damn time flies.


but PHP has really kawaii syntax.


It’s not kawaii. A good type checker is kawaii tbh


What SPECIFIC things do you guys dislike about python so much, that make it unsuitable for large programs?


It's easy to learn because its syntax is beautiful so you don't get as many cool points for using it.


Eh, I don’t care for the syntax too much. Curly braces are a lot more readable for code blocks.


I hate rust because of it's cancerous alphabet soup pronoun obsessed faggot community. pic related.


That’s the reason I hate Rust too, but I use it every day. The community are huge faggots, I wish they would all kill themselves. I love the language though, just hate the people that use it.


Perl and PHP are sugoi kawaii.



Sometimes it'd be nice there were people to collaborate with, but it's more painful than worthwhile.

Maybe just someone who also has an interest in making something?

A parasitic approach, feeding off someone's interest
Obviously the solution is to cultivate an interest in it yourself, but that's quite hard when you have little interests or goals


Build an intranet like I did, that is something fun, the more servers you add the bigger and more interesting it gets.