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/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread No.260

Hello neatles

What are you working on?


Currently reading On Lisp, but I'm devoid of strong purpose.


(I (really (don't (care (for (lisp))))))

I'm sure the expressiveness of Lisp dialects is really powerful though. I should sit down sometime and explore it more.


There may be a lot of parentheses but it feels like sinking into
an ocean. I want my words to have more weight by making some
significant projects full of parentheses though.

The barrier to Lisp is rather high, so do be prepared when you go
down it. Here's the usual introductory book that I enjoyed:


You'll want to do all of the exercises, otherwise you won't get
much out of it.

Are you exploring anything at the moment?


Don't laugh, but I like Rust lately. It's a great systems language. The build system alone is why I like it so much. If I never have to write another autotools or CMakeLists.txt build file again, I'll be happy. I avoided Rust for years, the community is really fucking gay.


With enough screeching autism I'm sure rust has some redeeming qualities.
The longevity of rust concerns me, but if it gives me projects like https://tauri.studio/en/ then go for it.
Have anything in mind you're using it for?

Since you mentioned tooling, I'm reminded of this.
Although I am not sure if it is useful.

Thought of learning rust, but lisp's propaganda has me hooked.

Rust is also the frontrunner in WASM development, I suppose
i.e. https://github.com/bakape/meguca


Python & Flask textboard. Hopefully the performance won't be awful. If it is, I'll probably switch to another web framework in another language.


What would you switch to?
I was thinking of checking out php for web stuff.
It's unfortunate there aren't more textboards.
I have a couple I visit but they're usually dead.


PHP should die out tbf. I used to love it, years ago. Unironically I think Rust is better for web stuff. A lot of healthy frameworks