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no idea what to do next can someone help me /g/ No.274

where i can find ideas of projects to do im completely lost and have no idea what i should work on


What are your skillsets?


What are your interests?


The curse of ability but no imagination


Do I have the project for you! And anyone else who is interested. We'll making a NEETzine bros. Pic related is a sample. It's a work in progress and I need cartoonists, artists, writers, editors, cool guys, and most importantly, NEETs to help me make this a thing. Even if you just want to put an ad in the NEET classifieds, get in touch by contacting me here:

If you have a new idea for an article to include, or even a new section entirely, let me know. I really want there to be some NEET comics though as well as some NEET manuals/guides. This zine will take a lot of inspiration from lainzine:

I already contacted this site's admin for making it an official thing, and I'm waiting on his reply. Regardless, I will push out some version of this idea by 420 2022. I want YOU for the NEET army:


and here is a tech project I want help with:


bumping im also losy