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Haskell No.3




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Is haskell i good high level language to learn?


It's a very powerful language, but learning it might not be worth it. It takes a long time and the community, tooling and libraries are lacking compared to more popular high level languages. If you already know those and want to try something new, then Haskell is a good choice.


Is alot of math required to learn haskell?


No more than any other programming language. Some of the concepts used in Haskell are inspired by category theory, but you don't have to learn CT to understand and use them. Most Haskell programmers actually don't know much CT.


Interesting, i started looking at haskell and i really like the language. It strikes me as beautiful.


I think Haskell is better to learn because it teaches you good programming practices and if you are a true programmer it should be aesthetically pleasing to look at and write. But its real usage is limited, you are right.