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I have fully free time of a day because I'm neet.
So I decided to make some useful programs like text editor, chat application etc which can be alternatives what I'm using currently. But I don't have any programming experience even though I'm using Linux now. Where should I start? Which language will be good? Learning programming without books is impossible?




It's not as simple as you think. Making one single program is already a big task for someone with no programming experience.
Books are a meme though and you should just use the internet and read the documentation.


It depends what you want to ultimately achieve. Surely you're MO isn't making yet another shitty text editor and hopefully it's not finding a job in the tech industry. What do you ultimately want to do? And if you can't think of anything you can help me and I'll tutor you. Or rather, you can be my apprentice, I'll give you tasks, and you'll ask me for help when you get stuck.


> hopefully it's not finding a job in the tech industry

Curious: are you saying this because you think tech jobs specifically are not worth pursuing, or because you think all jobs are not worth pursuing?

> you can help me and I'll tutor you

What would it be worth to you to apprentice op? Are you planning on getting him to do your work for you or something?

I got into coding by making mods for games I was playing, and honestly I think that's the way to go: by doing.

If you want to make desktop apps, maybe look into the Electron framework and learn how to javascript/webfag. There are 80 billion tutorials on electron/web dev on the internet, so you can learn that way pretty easy. That's for sure the dead easiest way to make a desktop app right now. As a bonus, you'll be able to make websites, too! (Well, the frontend part at least)

I agree strongly with >>355: it depends a ton on what exactly you want to do! Desktop (GUI) apps are kind of hard because there's about a million different ways to make one depending on the specific demands (cross-platform? native? immediate or retained? pwa?)

Also anon's offer to tutor possibly sounds pretty good, I'd consider that if I were you, op.


I think all jobs are not worth pursuing.

I want help building a programmatic constitution using tendermint blockchain framework. The goal isn't to make money or sell this software period. It's to have a tool for bootstrapping new societies after The Collapse.


Then again, maybe that's a bit complicated for starting out. Perhaps a better starter project would be a simple nodejs app that essentially let's users comment on any point in history. So there's a timeline, maybe some autoloaded historical events, then users can input any date and time they want, and post a comment or picture. It could be used for commenting on historical or current events, or even something like a birthday. Think Twitter but each post is in reference to a specific date/time in history. It's a rough idea so we'd have to workshop it a bit more.

Does building an app like this interest you OP? Again, this wouldn't be for sale. The point here would just be to have fun


Yeah. I can't guess how it would be complicated even though all things what I can do is just solving some problems -- puzzle -- through programming.

I have such `little bit` programming experience, but I think it can't be like an `experience`.
I learned C when I was middle school student. I remember for while loop etc. But that memories were almost vanished.

Again. I don't know how programming make an real program. Do I need APIs? Must I do learn and read deeper API documentations for making some programs even though it's simple?


Most of programming is really learning to read other people's code/documentation and use pre-existing frameworks. Database querying is another distinct skill that is necessary for making apps.

Really you just have to start trying to make stuff, get as far as you can on your own, then beg strangers for help on stack overflow. That's what I did anyway and I'm pretty competent now. This is the only webapp I made that I still bother hosting btw