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Browser No.396

Which browser does NEET use on PC and/or phone?




Firefox and PaleMoon

>Now, if only Mozilla would stop screwing with the user interface. Or implementing Chrome bugs for "compatibility". Or promoting brain-dead "mobile" layouts. Or making bad business decisions...


Reminder that LibreWolf is the best Firefox fork.
Otherwise, use to get a mostly preconfigured privacy setup, though won't be as good as LibreWolf or Tor Browser.


tor browser only



you need to be a woman to use those



I just use the default.


Nice one, shame it doesn't have an option to YEET nigoogle and other faggy search engines from the search shortcut list. You can probably tell what I've named my new profile!

Also, Pocket, KISS MY ASS!


>uses a literal firefox clone to browse on tor
lmao, what A fag,
ungoogled chromium, switching to librewolf if adblock is banned on it,


WOW this Moonchild guy is a fag!

I'm uninstalling palemoon for good!

I wonder how long Firefag will last before getting it's engine chromecucked like M$ Edgy?

When that happens I'm going back to dial up bbs, the web will officially be dead!

In the 1990's Micro$oft tried to destroy the web and were met with an uproar of resistance today it's google that is trying to destroy the web and we are barely even putting up a fight!


>browsing tor
disgusting, I don't want cp or drugs


>linking to a literally who meme website
Old news. Apple's Safari and WebKit is the only real resistance.


Killing ad-block and uMatrix with manifest V3
Literally died a few months ago because their server fucked up and the browser is built to rely on mozilla's server to run.
Don't use it ever.
Either made by furries or corporate boot lickers, somehow still the best option around.

Ideally you'd just make your own or make a new open source browser from scratch but that's a hell in and of itself.


wait what happened to firefox? it still works fine for me and as far as I know adblock will work on it for the foreseeable future


Back in january the browser stopped working for everyone because it is hard coded to call telemetry services before doing anything else and those telemetry servers were down.
Unlike chrome they haven't said they were going to kill adblock, but Firefox is maintained by the same kind of cancer.
Use a fork.