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why can't I learn to code? No.481

I've been doing tutorials and tinkering with various projects for 7 years on and off (so like compressed it'd be 4 years), but I can barely understand code I wrote a month ago let alone other people's frameworks. Plus the field moves so fast that whatever I'm working on becomes obsolete before I have a handle on it. It never gets less frustrating. Everyone I know who is a programmer IRL tells me that's normal but I think they're just being nice. They don't want to tell me the truth because they're well aware the only worthwhile career available to incels is software development.

Do I just have the wrong kind of brain? I feel like I'd have more success if I could think more flexibly or abstractly. I even got an Adderall prescription cause I thought it'd help me learn to code but that doesn't really help. How many years in should it start to click? I kinda want to throw in the towel but there's nothing else I want to do that's also worth doing. I have plenty of time cause my parents said I could live in their house til they die in 15-20 years.


>I can barely understand code I wrote a month ago
Most professional programmers have this problem, it's just the nature of things and it's a reason to try and write clear, simple to understand code.

What language are you trying to code in? You should start off with something simple on projects that energize you and will hold your attention for a long time.


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>just learn python and make some madafakin maney


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Im not sure, i kinda wanna learn c because it seems pretty nonchanging, or maybe rust but it changes a ton.
That said I'm barely capable of taking like 1 class per semester in college, im gonna apply for disability soon i think and then maybe ill be able to learn it after a while..


C and rust are poor languages for learning to code. I recommend you concentrate on python first instead, and only move onto C or rust once you're confident and proficient.


I do AI and data analysis with python, games and desktop GUI apps with C#, and webapps with javascript. I no longer have any original ideas for passion projects, and I've done so many of the simple projects (e.g. create a simple chat webapp) but any knowledge gained through them rapidly evaporates. I've read that tutorials are actually not helpful, but the docs never make any sense to me until I do the tutorials. Idk man I guess I'm just bitching in this blogpost
Well, there are a lot of NEETs who code as a hobby, but I'll concede my ultimate goal is to make money doing this. I'm 35 btw, does that count as zoomer?
Was that a meme all along? Seemed to work for my brother and my friends but they all got compsci degrees.
I keep hearing about rust, but it seems like a fad to me.


I can write if else statements and loops and functions and lists and thats about it.. am i ready for c??