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Windows 11 Update No.506

This just popped up on my monitor without warning. It took control away from my mouse for a splitsecond when it did this too. I got the vibe Microsoft is pissed that they won't be able to force update my OS.

Whatever's coming, avoid it. Honestly even Apple isn't this bad. Thank goodness we're all NEETs who aren't required to use any particular operating system for our jobs. As someone lazy technology-wise who appears to have lucked out of doing work for now, please don't just accept this new update when they try to force and put in the effort to make the change to a new OS. For your own sake. You can pretty much play every on Linux now.


I'm a Linux bro myself but I won't exaggerate Windows' problems. Windows 7 is good enough for a lot of stuff and Windows 10 is not that bad if you use LTSC instead of the normal versions (less spyware; no ads, auto-updates, other dumb shit).
Though I personally am a bit "paranoid" about malware and spyware so I use Linux on my main machine and have a separate offline Windows computer for games. Yes, I know about Wine, but it does not protect you against malware and spyware so it misses the point of using a secure and private OS like Linux in the first place.


i wanna switch to linux but i also have a lol addiction currently so i cant


no excuses:

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Theres no more league of linux after vanguard, in the dev blog about vanguard they even said like "good riddance to all those linux users lmao"
we'll only get lol on linux if someone makes a mac emulator that works with it because mac doesnt have vanguard