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Just came out of a rabbithole about how denuvo is cracked. A frequent-interval request for authentication is made to the game client through a private blockchain so each request contains a one-way hash of the previous chain. If you don't have their initial seed phrase (which the non-algoorithmic employees at denuvo can change through forced updates whenever) the authentication request can't be made, and you're locked out of the game. Then they compile that interlaced through game's code. If it doesn't get authenicated, you literally can't play the game. There's some other shit but that's above my pay-grade.

How the fuck has it been almost half a year and no one else has figured it out other than this one (alledged) chick? I read some of the stuff coming from this entity on the internet, and it really does sound like a 20-something psycho female. My theory is that a team of male Russian hackers does the cracking while she is basically their egotistical PR rep.


If there’s enough interest for me I’ll check this out later. Love a little bit of security audit