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Do you guys pirate software and games? I pirate pretty much all my entertainment, but I avoid pirating anything that is executable to avoid installing malware. How do you pirate software safely? I thought about setting up a virtual machine but that would take too much effort tbh



I don't download software/game binaries for that reason as well, but pretty much the only media I consume is obscure anime which can't be purchased in the west.


I don’t do anything on the computer besides browse so no. I’m pretty sure it’s conventional wisdom to scan torrents for viruses though.


I don't pirate that much but If something can be done free i will do it free , even if the buyable option can be pirated.


I pirate pretty much anything. I mean, if you're looking for software and games, I would make sure that the torrent has a lot of seeders, and if you're on a forum type site like rutracker, then you can pretty much be guaranteed that there won't be any viruses since it would have been reported


download from here: https://igg-games.com/
check all executables for viruses here: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/home/upload
if there are no viruses, install that bitch. you don't even need to torrent most of the time.

piratebay is full of garbage these days and the good stuff never has any seeders


We're NEETs none of us have the money to buy shit. Especially those of us who don't even get NEETbux.


TBH I'd be willing to buy pirated software & games at a reduced price. I've bought pirated cable before.


Not as much as i used to because most modern video games suck.


Please recommend me some, if you can. Thank you beforehand.


hell yeah, I'm not wasting money to "licence" some proprietary software. and Digital Restrictions Management from netfux and other screaming disservices, no thanks! Also the complete dub of welcome to the NHK was uploaded to archive.org however I have never donated to them because I morally object to their DRM encumbered library I hope someone will create a bot to "borrow" the books, decrypt them and generate a torrent.


i pirate executables all the time basically never get malware


I pirate a lot and have backups just in case. I’ve used backups like 5 times in 15~ years of internet usage.


A Pirates life for me.


It seems that people don't torrent much anymore.
I was looking for bf2 on tpb, but no seeders.
The same with all the batman shows.
I guess people prefer to have a game-library and achievements and all that. And they're probably afraid of others thinking less of them for not having a certain service/subscription/etc.
Paying for pixels is gay.

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based. nothing can beat quake, doom or wolfenstein 3d


Music from Soulseek, games/anime from nyaa. I I usually save up and buy games on Steam when they're on sale to support the devs.


I pirate everything
I don't trust online sites with money related info
But I'm also "poor" somewhat


same thing here. I like the feel of being able to get whatever game I want whenever I want it for completely free


I fucking LOVE piracy.

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