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COVID19 is FAKE. The virus is FAKE!

The very concept of germs/viruses has never been proven:

COVID19 is fake and is being used to create a new world order, a one-world government:


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>The very concept of germs/viruses has never been proven
take your meds fren


I just came to this thread to say that I really want a ROM Hack of that.


>FF5 chemists
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it's a Jewish conspiracy, the virus came from Isreal. hitler did nothing wrong!


It is fake. No one gives a shit no more. Mask don't even work so what is the point?


In this world, conspiracies exist.
However, there is a more than a ninety-nine percent chance that the
plausible-sounding conspiracies that you hear about from others are
simple delusions or even intentional lies. When you visit a bookstore,
the books with titles like The Great Jewish Conspiracy to Ruin the Japanese
Economy! or The Super Conspiracy of the CIA That Hides Their Secret Pact
with Aliens! are all just trivial delusions.
Even so. . . people love conspiracies.
Conspiracies. We are hopelessly fascinated by the sound of that word
and its bittersweet echo.
Consider, for example, the process by which The Jewish Conspiracy
theory comes to be: The author has multiple, terrible complexes and
feelings, such as, "Why am I poor?"; "Why is my life not more
comfortable?"; "Why can I not find a girlfriend?" His mind and body
constantly are pressured, from both within and without.
Those pent-up grudges become endless feelings of hatred toward
society. They become rage.
However, the largest source of rage is his own personal cowardice.
He is poor because he lacks the skill with which to earn money. He
has no girlfriend because he lacks charisma. But the process of seeing
this truth and acknowledging his own incompetence requires quite a bit
of courage. No human beings, regardless of who they might be, want to
look directly at their own shortcomings.
At this point, the conspiracy theorist projects his cowardice onto the
outside world.

He creates a fictitious "enemy" outside of himself.
Enemy. My enemy. Society's enemy.
"Because an enemy conspires to do evil, I cannot find happiness.
Because of this conspiracy, I cannot find a girlfriend. That's right! This
is all because of the Jews. Because the Jews are scheming away out there,
I can't find happiness. Damn you, Jews! I won't forgive you!"
Truthfully, this kind of thinking also inconveniences Jewish people.
All conspiracy theorists need to look a little more closely at reality.
"Enemies" don't exist externally. "Evil" does not exist externally. One
has to assume blame oneself for being a worthless person.
It's definitely not a Jewish conspiracy, nor a CIA conspiracy, and—
obvious as this may be—it's not an alien conspiracy. Before all else, one
needs to keep this fact firmly in mind while living one's life.
Even so. . .
A tiny percentage of people actually have stumbled upon a real
conspiracy. There is, in fact, one person who witnessed with his own
eyes a conspiracy that exists, at this very moment, in the most extreme
Who is this person?
It’s me.


>also inconveniences Jewish people


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