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Does /neet/ like cafeine? No.10003

If so what's your primary source?
>ES!?!?!?1111 :DDDDDD:DDDXDD


Coca-cola, and energy drinks. After a while you may feel like caffeine isn't affecting you much, but it is, particularly by giving you insomnia. Then you consume even more of it next day to compensate for feeling tired, and the downward spiral continues. Be moderate in thy caffeine consumption neets.


Good taste, anon, I learned this the hard way, but I love my Coffee Red Bull and coke too much to quit!


I've noticed that many neets engage in substance abuse of one form or another to try and counter their feelings/anxieties/low energy. How do functional, psychologically healthy people cope with stuff?


Hide shrink meds.
Ignore shrink meds.
Do not take shrink meds.


I dislike coffee but i like caffeine


I can't stand coffee without any sugar. But I fucking love it when it is saturated!
I can drink coffee with just sugar but I prefer it a million times more when it's milky milky warm and tasty!

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For those of you who drink coffee with sugar, how many sugar cubes do you add? I normally add a yonful, I guess I have a diabetic death wish for the shinigami!


Actually no, I can't stand the stuff, despite being a massive druggie. I'd rather do propylhexedrine. Caffeine doesn't help me focus, it just makes me scatterbrained. And even worse, I can never get a good night's sleep on the stuff, even if I drink a single redbull before noon. My whole family of wageslaves is addicted to caffeine and cannot function without it precisely because they can never get a good night's sleep. Because they are trapped in their jobs, they are afraid to go even a few days without it. Whenever they have tried they get very irritable and have headaches. I reckon they'd need to abstain for at least 2 weeks to stop having withdrawal symptoms. My parents actually retired recently but the withdrawals have kept them doing caffeine every day, and consequently they still never get a good night's sleep.

People don't respect caffeine as a drug and I can't understand why. Try taking a whole box of caffeine pills and see what happens.

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>Try taking a whole box of caffeine pills and see what happens.
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I've drank pretty heavily caffeinated stuff but it doesn't do shit for me. It basically just makes me really tired when the high wares off, but I also don't experience any of the "buzz."


Coffee and Cola are fuckin' amazing. Also, am britfag so tea is pretty much a thing too. I think i've recently gained an addiction for cola though but all good things are in moderation.


I like Lipton ice tea
This song reminded me of you m8


look, is this the yellow teeth thread lul


Anon drinks his cheap instant coffee with tons of artificial sweeteners in it while reading this thread.


I'm not Japanese, but I almost always drink just plain green tea.


OP here, that's my last resort, if i run out of pads or my Senseo breaks down, currently drinking a red bull to stay awake.
Green tea is good too, too bad I don't have a Japanese Bishoujo to share it with.