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Is the planet fucked, fam? No.1011

No, I don't believe that it is:


It probably is because normalcattle ruin everything and there are too many of them in this world.




What about deforestation?
What about creeping disaster?

Might the consequences from deforestation,
mass species extinctions, or hydrocarbons emitted over sea accumulate
slowly after nearly irreversible change?

Great video.

We need more truth.

Still, the post-modernists have a point.
Lies do generate the fun to create change.

"What if it all turns out a hoax and
we improved the world for no reason?"

We still need to talk about
if non-anthropogenic climate change
might have doomsday consequences?

The video essayist,
gives evidence against anthropogenic'ism
then mocks the question of doomsday
without any evidence about that?