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amending NEET to include people in college that don’t have jobs No.10148

I know it sounds weird but if your a college student and you don’t have a job you’re like a neet. Most college students choose to study something they enjoy rather than focus their studies solely on what will make them money so it’s similar to neetdom unless you unironically believe neetdom is just jerking off and watching anime. exceptions to this would include medical school and other vocational programs where you basically have to work for free as part of the program.


>Not in Education, Employment, or Training


That’s why I’m suggesting we amend it


NEET is a fun word to say so let's just clarify the definition of "education" to only refer to compulsory education. This would include everyone who goes down a grueling STEM major track because their parents told them to. The beauty of being a NEET is the freedom anyway. If you lack agency over how you spend your life, you're not a NEET. If someone deliberately chooses a major like communications or guitar or anthropology, I have hard time not calling that person a NEET. At least before they graduate and become a barista.


If you want an education go to the library (or the internet)
If you want to get laid go to college.

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College is a meme, a normie meme. I don't think anyone who wastes his time and money in a university campus has any right to call himself a NEET, just as Bertrand Russel believes that if you do not believe in God, Christ and immortality than you do not have a right to call yourself a christian. However I do not believe that the rejection of school and college makes NEETs ignorant, NEETs are more likely to be autodidacts, of course only NEETs and autodidacts know that word! An autodidact not only does not need teach-san to drill the curriculum into his skull, he finds things out for himself because he has already learned from a very young age how to learn. For an autodidact the concept of school and teachers are both ridiculous and stupid. Essentially trying to factory farm dissemination of information. An autodidact will potentially see another flaw with this approach, since he is free to learn whatever he chooses he can learn things outside the curriculum perhaps things teach-san would rather he did not learn.
School and College are deprecated technology, the internet outmoded them.


That would be oxymoronic


how does it feel to be so braindead?


Definitions exist for a reason.
First part-time neets, and now people in education are neets too? Where will it end?
It's time to forward domain to https://everyone.moe because apparently definitions don't matter and everyone is welcome.


>only people not in education, employment and training are NEETs
>only people not in education, employment and training unless that training is not for a job are NEETs
>only people not in education (except in college), employment and training unless that training is not for a job are NEETs
>only people not in education (except in college), employment (unless you like your job) and training unless that training is not for a job are NEETs
>anyone who likes their employment or education is a NEET


No, just no.


Based. Anyone who is 1: Learning. 2: NEET. will just use the damned internet.


Based. Everyone should be a NEET including wagecucks.


If it triggers you so much, why not just call yourself a pure NEET and everyone else (including college kids) a part-time NEET? Isn't this REEEEEEing just because you don't want to lose your social status as a "pure NEET" on the internet anyway? You can even be racist and call us part-time NEET scum.

But OP is right. I'm a college kid majoring in sociology. This is my 3rd year and every class is a complete joke. Granted I'm a B student, but that's with me barely showing up to class and being addicted to both video games and weed. My parents pay my rent and bills. I don't live on campus and I do whatever I want 95% of the time. I occasionally participate in studies for easy money too. Does that count as "employment"? Despite all that I absolutely feel like a NEET.

Tl;Dr let's just compromise and have a "pure NEET/part-time NEET" distinction. The gatekeepers can hold being "pure" over the rest of us idc

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KYS you no-iq nog!

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>You can even be racist and call us part-time NEET scum.
Nah, we'll just call you wagecucks.