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Alcoholic neets No.10382

What alcohol do you like? I love Mikes Harder Lemonade. Call me a pussy, I don’t care.


I don't drink, but I feel like I've hit rock bottom nonetheless.




Typically White Claw Surge. Sometimes I get cheap rum or vodka if I feel like it.


whos blog is this?


Its an image board you retard.


I drink 42 oz 8.1% steel reserve because it's the best value for alcohol ($2.36/42oz). It tastes alright too. What's the catch? The second ingredient after alcohol is fucking corn syrup. Shit will make my dick fall off one day but goddamn does it get me drunk for cheap


If you want drunkness on a value just buy cheap Vodka which is like $8-10 a Liter.


I can’t even handle the taste of bud light so vodka is definitely out of the question for me.


cheapest vodka where I live is $15 a liter which works out to slightly less alcohol per dollar than the 42oz


Vodka is literally what they used in the V-2


Just get a handle of Everclear. It lasts longer and is more cost effective if you drink a lot.


alcohol is a very bad decision. even being meth addict or being obese is more healthy than acohol becuze it ruins you way more faster. please do everything you feel like but to drink alcohol.

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t. dai-debu-san


Eh for most people who drink a lot I doubt they care what it would do to them. If you're going to have some moral high ground here, please go back to Reddit or 4chan.


OP here. I was concerned about how much sugar is in Mike’s Hard so I bought vodka and am mixing it with diet soda. It’s not bad at all and is even more drinkable than the hard lemonade. The vodka can be kept in the freezer without freezing solid and it’s more palatable that way


That’s not true, being obese is fucking awful. I can’t do anything where I’m standing up for more than 2 hours because the pain becomes unbearable. Plus having all this fat hanging off of me feels awkward


Anon has to leave his cave now and expose himself to the outside world. No way I'm doing shit like that sober.


see, some have to fill the hole in their soul with food, i think thats okay becuze you make alot people rich with your lifestyle, just dont die already they have to milk you for a long time


im sorry then.


Beer, cider, cherry beer, bubbly white wine. Not a heavy drinker though and certainly not daily.


I’ve found that sparkling water is effective at neutralizing the taste.


this most of the time. but if needed i drink everything.
> even being meth addict or being obese is more healthy than acohol becuze it ruins you way more faster. please do everything you feel like but to drink alcohol.
i combine this with alcohol.


Sitting down is based, plus you would make a great dakimakura for someone who wants to fuck you. believe me, there is a fat fetish!


Wtf is going on in that picture?

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>tfw u can't drink due to being sick


>>12121 Checked!
It's Papi-chan, the morbidly obese norwegian forest cat from japan. they tried putting him on a diet and exercise. long story short it didn't do dick to shrink his girth!


should of got the covid vaccine, right.


Old school alcoholic here. Everclear, water and fresh lime juice is such a great drink, good value, especially if you drink a lot. Lasts longer than any other bottle.


Everclear seems like it would a pain in the ass to mix because it seems it would be super easy to over do it.


Just reduce the amount you pour into your glass. I used to do half a pint glass of vodka with a mixer, now 1/4th a pint glass with Everclear is enough. Plus, it’s fun to see the fumes ignite from an empty Everclear bottle, you can’t do that with vodka.


It just doesn't seem cheap enough to warrant the headache. Currently I drink Platinum 7x and it costs 9.99 but the same ML amount of Everclear would be 18.99. Although I think Everclear would theroretically taste better if you can get the amount right because you could fill more of the glass with the mixer.