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You are all lazy.
You need to work to get anywhere in life. You can't just expect to get a partner if you don't have anything valuable to offer her.
get a job. now.


I do have something to offer. A house to live in, and my company, and a cute cat.
I got lucky. I don't have a job, but I make my own work with hobbies and volunteering (online).


I do though and I wouldn't even expect her to do much more than clean up after herself.


Same here except replace making money through hobbies and the internet with an inheritance and a brilliant investing.

OP is clearly projecting his own lack of things to offer his waifu.


I don't make money from my hobbies. I just make it my work, a passion, something to do.


>I don't make money from my hobbies
that's stupid


how so? my hobby is coding, which is even an "in demand" skill, and im good at it, but there's no fucking way i'd get a job doing it lol.

making money doing something is like 99% luck


Thats not enough, you need to provide to society. Otherwise no one will take you seriously.


>You need to submit to the greater good and give your life for the motherland
No thanks commiefaggot


I'm not going to deny I'm not lazy because I am, but even if I worked really hard I still wouldn't be able to give her the life she deserves. The her is entirely hypothetical. Anyways deadbeats contradict your logic entirely.

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>You can't just expect to get a partner if you don't have anything valuable to offer her
but op senpai what if i don't want one
i already have the perfect waifu, why would i want to waste my time with 3dpd


2D loves you unconditionally.
3D can ONLY love you conditionally.
Is conditional love even real love?


>communism is... bad!
midwit alert


>get a job. now.
Mind your own business. Now.


Flesh-women are awful.


Stop making excuses. Now.


Stop bothering strangers, normiescum.


They're hobbies you fucking retard, I don't make money watching anime either. I like making things. I don't make money doing it because I do it to have fun, not obsess over numbers and soulless boring shit.

People who will "not take me seriously" when I have food and a place to live, I am not interested in. I don't want kids and I don't care about "social status".

Communism is bad. Welfare is one thing, but communism is entirely bad and any retard in a non-welfare state who wishes they had more welfare who is actively pushing for communism is only hurting their own cause, peak stupidity and only retardeds do so.


Fuck a partener, i just want moneh


Wagie, I am society. You should give me free stuff in order to contribute to society ;)
>1530s, "companionship, friendly association with others," from Old French societe "company" (12c., Modern French société), from Latin societatem (nominative societas) "fellowship, association, alliance, union, community," from socius "companion, ally," from PIE *sokw-yo-, suffixed form of root *sekw- (1) "to follow."


I am brown, over 30% of the posts on this site are mine THOUGH


Any economic system that requires me to work is inherently bad. At least under capitalism there it is possible to escape work and live comfortably. Not so under communism. It's work your government-mandated job, work as a slave in the gulag, or die in a communist country. Conversely the entire point of being a capitalist is basically to not work i.e. become a NEET.

Daily reminder that the symbols of communism the hammer and sickle are the symbols of labor. Fuck labor. I'm above that. I'm a NEET.


It's not that we're lazy.

It's that we're not submissive.

I refuse to submit to such a gay and cucked society.

I refuse to spend the majority of time doing things I hate for money to buy things I don't want to impress people I don't like.

My waifu loves every part of me unconditionally. Especially the fact that I'm a NEET. It gives us more time to be cozy together!


>My waifu loves every part of me unconditionally.
That makes me really happy for you, anon.



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how easily people get baited on this site just tells you the average iq of a neet

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It's not "falling for the bait" you unmolested faggot. We're having a metadiscussion through the troll/countertroll dialectic. This is simply how one engages with imageboards.


Zoomers don't know that. Youtube didn't teach em.


>retarded back and forth
uh okay neetie


Back in cagie, wagie


Good job wagie-chan! A *discussion* DOES mean an exchange of ideas back and forth. If you keep learning here, pretty soon you'll be smart enough to escape your cage too!


>you bad!
<no you bad!
uh okay neetie


Wagies not welcome.


That's not what is going on here. Learn to read.
>You all are lazy!
<It's not that we're lazy. It's that we're not submissive.
So far there hasn't been a response to this, but that's because you, the wagie who made this shit thread, has failed to contribute anything more to conversation because on some level you realize how gay and cucked you are.


pills and back to facebook
enjoy being less than a nigger LOL

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yes, please take your meds and go back to facebook
enjoy the cage


Lmao you #rekt the wagecuck so hard he never returned to this site


pleb tier thinking,did not read. jfk was a shit president, glad that potato got mashed with lead.

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here. Have a better quality version


Based comrade!


But I don't want to get anywhere in life


Programmer NEETs are based, Even Stallman who was paid by MIT considered it a hobby and ironically claimed to not understand why they were so keen to pay him for doing what came to him naturally.
Pic directed at all the jelly wagies who have to lick porky's boots, while we are all free to do what we want!


isnt it unironically racism and sexism already if you own a job as a white person becuze you are basically stealing the job from a PoC-Superhuman and from Feminazisuper-Karen, right? we have no place in society no more according to the media


I'm a NEET partly for political reasons, what has soyciety ever done for me that makes it feel entitled enough to want to demand my contributions?
No taxation without representation!


exactly, we owe nothing to these cultural Marxists.
there are only few things i can stand anymore these days for example korean vidya streamer
becuze asians are basically our last allies left in this hellhole of western narcissism hellhole


i even get attacked by other caucasians for basically wearing a mask or even for carrying my flower bag around and stuff i mean cmon do i hurt these people by being myself? i dont even look at them when walking by... im not even their enemy IM WHITE too!


Based Asians are whiter than Caucasians.


Caucasians? More like cock-asians amirite?


Based. A baraki would not last one day before being yeeted out of a Japanese tea house.
>Hi where are the jupiler?
>Oh 糞, Belgian tourist! Quick, Ryu-san, fetch the raw 河豚!


Who even said we want to get anywhere in Life? Also im very happy with my Neetbucks. Why should i change ANYthing at all

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You're god damn right.