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Being a neet is so paradoxical because you value money more than anything in life


Do NEETs value money than anything else in life? I think that’s a wrong assumption to make tbh


Sometimes I do want more stuff but I make the most of it with what I already have, so I value it only a bit

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If you value money more than anything else in life, you definitely shouldn't be a NEET. Terrible thread OP.


You're right

Those who've been paid off will never see society for how it really is


>1 neet you have heard of values money more than anything in life= EVERY neet values money more than anything in life


Even Ton doesn't give two shits about money.
NEETs can't be bought and family members who try to buy back their broken and dysfunctional relationships with me wonder where their money is going. They are essentially deluding themselves if they think that by sending gifts and money they will ever get even the slightest acknowledgement of their existence. Everyone in my family is essentially an unperson to me.




atleast you still have family left, right. some here are all alone, for their whole life already you know.


Don't feel bad bro. We're your family now! and chances are we'll do less damage to your psyche than our families did to us


I do not have a family and I resent the implication. Some people prefer it alone.
Based, I have more in common with my ideological brothers than my biological brothers. They are all normie as fuck and bluepilled to the point of absurdity
>Why don't you want kids, anon kids aren't made through reason but through luuuuuuvvvv....
>Correction they are made through an irrational preprogrammed biological impulse that only the wisest of men can override. Have a wank and think before you bring more unnecessary suffering into the world.
Btw, anon what's your favorite Stephen King book?


Definitely The Stand. I'm a sucker for post-apocalyptic stories. The televised miniseries was pretty good too


I like the shining, doctor sleep, it and misery best.
Jack Torrance always cracks me up!


I like his glasses.


I like his face!


who said im feeling bad for being alone?
i dont have no family and you guys are no help to me anyway becuze you need attention and thats not my cup of tea and avatarfags like you are even worse


Lmao do you seriously think I'm trying to be a Stephen King avatarfag?
because I am


>avatarfags like you are even worse
Different anons.

Didn't see this spoiler until now.
>and chances are we'll do less damage to your psyche than our families did to us
Totally based. I would even say we help each other better than the ignorant shrinks that are unfortunately forced on some of us.



Different anons.

Couldn't see clearly because the preview divs were spazzing out!
Fuck the retard who wrote the js for this board!


Where did he even say that he feels bad about himself?


Well he certainly isn't happy


how can you tell Sherlock?