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You can see more posters here!


It’s lovely to discover active forums like this!


It's also great that they implemented https so that all our information isn't sent back and forth in plaintext.

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D-did you guys l-like c-chan?

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>he thinks the little lock icon at the top of the browser means the NSA isn't gobbling all your data
Tell me you've never programmed anything without telling me you've never programmed anything.


Apache/2.4.54 (Debian) Server at Port 80
You might need to configure your server bro!


While HTTPS is not "private", there is a big difference in being crackable and from bending over and lubing yourself up begging someone to stick their cock in your ass. https does help and there is no doubt about it. This is the same kind of demoralizationposting you see on 4chan by people who desperately tell you to never use VPN and definitely not Tor and that since https isn't good enough that you may as well start integrating google captcha and analytics because "it doesnt matter anyways". They want you to think nothing ever helps, but every little bit helps and the more you do the more you muddy the waters.
And yes, it's bad to have a non-https site. I block all http connections for a reason, I don't want some shitty malicious exit node literally copypaste your cookies. It gives them the right to delete your posts which means if some american/russian/chinese exit node doesn't like what you wrote they can check their nodes if they harvested any info and delete your post using your own randomly generated deletion cookie since you handed it on a fucking platter.

Try logging in to services like emails or social media with HTTP through Tor and see how long your account lasts before you get hacked. Then try with HTTPS, you won't get hacked. That tells you all you need to know.


Cool site actually


However we still shouldn't completely trust an algorithm designed by the National Sukebe Agency.
The only justification I can give for HTTP is a boomer style static site like