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Anyone else hate summer? No.11447

I can't wait for winter, I wish I lived in Nunavat or Khabarovsk or frickin' Antarctica. It hardly snows round here anymore.


I don't hate summer but I do think it's the worst season. Best season is definitely autumn.


Autumn is my second favorite season, especially in deciduous forests. But my favorite part of autumn is Halloween, the perfect excuse to stay up late watching horror movies and to binge out on sugar! Also lets not forget the creepy cosplay! I have some iron maiden Eddie masks to make anyone think twice about going into my room without permission!


It's also the best time of year to do DXM for multiple reasons


Pervitin is also good for boosting your stamina when the weather wears you out. Though its use in summer would need adequate ventilation and air conditioning.


I personally like Lucy best.


Actually, no. Doing stimulants in summer fucking sucks because you overheat so easily.

Spring: do stimulants
Summer: do opiates
Autumn: do dissociatives
Winter: do psychedelics

The circle of drugs.


Walking around a neighborhood of christmas lights on acid is so fun.


Sad miserable life.
t. ex-junkie.


Meh there's nothing wrong with doing drugs constantly provided you're not hurting anyone else. Too much of anything is bad for you of course. In my experience the only subclass of druggies who really have a problem are the opiateheads and that's the only class of drugs I personally don't enjoy. Perhaps summer should be weed instead. I was just trying to keep the circle of drugs consistent. Spring really is a great time for stimulants and autumn really is the best time for dissociatives. I personally have great memories of winter psychedelic trips though really those are good year round.

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That's why I recommend ventilation for summer productivity boosts. I don't even need a milligram of caffeine to boil up in summer hence why I hate it so much.
But I agree that winter is the best time to Trip out while listening to acid house and acid trance. The more fairy lights you see the better!
Everything in moderation, anon. too much of anything can be bad for you, be it MDMA or Pizza. Even drinking too much water can kill you by osmosis.
I agree. if you live in a free country you have the right to put whatever you want into your own body, the rest is bullshit.


Shades always make you look cool!
Winter also provides a good excuse to wear sunglasses because the albedo increases when there is snow everywhere on the ground, Have you ever gone out on a sunny winter morning and found yourself squinting, that's because all that snow is reflecting the sunlight and stinging your retinas.


> I wish I lived in Khabarovsk
you'd had $200/month for omegabux and probably die by suicide early.


Suicide is based. fuck the pro-life BS.


I love autumn


me too