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Do you host anything online? Or do you have a Git project somewhere?

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I made a QRPG hourlong demo:


Not currently, I've got some IRL BS to deal with first, but once/if i get it all solved I will upload my freetarded software to a site I've been building. Of course I would never upload it on Micr$soft $hit hub or provide a download link for normies. I have a "clone or go home" policy.


github is for wagies to put various portfolio shit there to get a better job later


based. $hithub is evil anti-NEET proprietary service as a a software substitute.
I've been anti-$hithub for as long as I can remember but only after they announced their GPL-Violating AI did the redpill sink in with a broader range of programmers/projects and people start encouraging others to leave $hithub for good. (Though we did see a small exodus after the micro$hit takeover)
I strongly recommend self hosting. A based boomer has a site that tells you just how to do this.


GitHub is free storage and gets lots of people to upload stuff they otherwise wouldn't go out of their way to do.




technically the term is gratis in this case.


Nobody who hosts his own imageboard, forum, chat or static "neocities"-type website?


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Posting it here would not be a smart thing to do


Where did intelligent ones leave for?
Probably or


I created and ran a true imageboard that's highly gamified. Think like an IRL "board with images and connecting bits of string on it" with a little avatar that lets you make real-time changes to the board contents. You make posts, then you can upvote them, downvote them so much they get deleted (i.e. democratized censorship), seed your memes with starting upvotes, reap your memes to harvest upvotes others gave you, and tons more. Some anon here actually paid for several years of the domain name, Whoever you are, thanks bro.

Unfortunately, my app is just too far ahead of it's time, so I'm shutting it down after 4 years. Also due to the ancient Linux server it runs on, I've been unable to update the security certificate for about a year. You're more than welcome to check it out before I shut it down for good, but don't bother unless you're already in the 99th percentile of shitposters. You'll just be angry and confused otherwise:

Here's the "instruction manual":

Here's the repo:

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more like cloudcukoolanders and no-iq nogs!


Looks cool but also way too overcomplicated.


Yeah...that's a pretty common sentiment... I originally made it with the intention that it's primarily for NEETs who have all the time and energy in the world to learn advanced gamified shitposting. I made a video if you'd like to see it in action without actually learning how to use it:


You posted about this before. Repo is dead.

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True. It's a dead project. I'm just giving it away to anyone interested


Back from 2kind

Is there interest in an actively maintained

What is the purpose?
If you can extrapolate what value you seek then we can make something work.
If you cannot define what value you seek then it is worthless.

What do you seek?
I personally seek no-strings-attached.
And I also seek working anonymously on something.


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