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What are your favorite dishes


rice + veggies. a peaceful, yet healthy everyday-dish.




Pizza, pasta, noodles, ice cream, potato chips and snacks, spinach burgers with ketchup and mayo, Belgian fries smothered in mayonnaise basically junk food that is saturated in fat sugar and salt!
Normally washed down with a lots of milk, coffee or energy drinks.


Chicken kebab sandwiches with all the veggies except onions, my pork chop recipe with roasted veggies of some kind, steak and mushrooms, a crab boil with potatoes and corn on the cob, fruit, gelato, high quality chocolate, bubble tea


>mfw i realized that OP's image was just a well disguised troonjak!


Nice Rice.
Personally I like my rice with ketchup


>tfw I realize AI is smarter than I am!


Pad Khing, spice level 5


I like Wedgwood ware.


What’s the AI you can do that with?


It isn't just rice.


Based, I don't like meat and veggies in my rice.
I don't know I saw it on another chan shilled on some thread here.


they got some nice yellow curry with duck at this thai place near me. i like that a lot.


broken (like me lol) rice with cooked onion rings and really hot sauce. feels like rice is the only thing that makes me feel full. would like some sausages but im not allowed to becuze of my kidneys. fcking hell man let me die already


Me too, after I tried to anhero the shrinks robbed me of my human rights, and ironically have made my desire to YEET myself even stronger.

Forced psychiatry is the holocaust of the 21st century yet no-one seems to care. Perhaps the allies should have sat on their asses and let Hitler take over and destroy Europe and later the whole world. It would have spared us all the burden of existence.


yea i tried to anhero too with pills and i ended up with a keeper from the court where i have to get my money from every week.
scientology are the last ones left who fight against the fckin psychiatry cult.
stay strong bud


Not exactly. have you heard of mind freedom international?

The Survivor Movement is pretty strong. Scientology will just consider you an SP anyway if you have already been cucked by psychiatry, religions in general have never really had a strong reputation for open-mindedness which is why I sometimes compare psychiatry to a religion pretending to be a science.

Also the UN and WHO are against forced psychiatry.

I think it's sick how they can turn you into an economic nigger by invoking an imaginary disease with zero scientific proof when you have never been in debt, and I have always been careful with my money and have others who can testify that fact.
If someone blows up or shoots up a shrink jail he will become as big a hero for me as Saint ER is to incels.

One day I hope to see the entire APA behind the dock in the Hague on trial for crimes against humanity and hanged like the Nazis before them.


you have alot energies left in your body, i like that, all the smart words you are using, like there is still something to get and to learn, you are a beast! i dont have any links for you Bud becuze, why anyway, right. hope you will get something out of it in the end! keep your energies up you are still alive it seems!