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New here No.11882

Hi, Ahostar here, i have been a hikikomori/neet for a long time and english its not my first language but right now at this moment (3 am) was thinking about my life and ended up making a funny pun that only make sense in this language bcs the double meaning haha
I ended up thinking why i am a hikikomori, if something is broken that means it doesnt work, right? Hahahahaha...
Fake your laugh so i extend my urge to do some things

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Good one, mind if I use it when I need to explain to unenlightened normies who ask dumb questions?
>duhhh wotsa hikki?


I am so stupid..... I don't get it.....


unenlightened normies prolly know about it since mid 2000s


That's not what I've seen here in barakiland!


Go ahead, use it whenever u want ,all for the neets owo


No, you are not, you just didnt catch a silly joke, but dont call yourself stupid, you are someone special, dont degrade yourself, you are a beautiful person, dont doubt that


Also, if you want to know what it is, so work in english is when someone do something for money, like hard workzzz and that, but also applies to objetcs, for example if a clock its not moving probably its not working and catalogued as useless, so its not something useful, something that works means that its useful with its purpose, so the joke was a play of words
I say thats the reason why neets (specially me bcs im a failure) dont work (for munny), bcs broken things dont work, so im broken and i dont work (nor useful nor money)


I wish I had a bishoujo in real life to take care of my feels.
I FAILED LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!