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Would you live with chimps if you had the ability to?


i would feel safer with bonobo or gorilla


>the most dangerous and aggressive primate out there, kinda like the niggers of the ape world
are you bl*ck?


I'd sure like to share my dungeon with this guy.
an orangutan would also be pretty cool too.


try opening a book instead getting all your opinions from jewywood productions


I get all my news and facts from a screen.


ok enjoy "news and facts™"
my gorilla bro will chill eating some leaves and sniffing ass smell off his finger while chimp nigs out on you, rips your arms off and beats you to death with em.

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There's a reason we say niggers "chimp out!"


I always find it ironic when lower whites who dream of going on literal Moonman-inspired killing sprees simultaneously talk shit about blacks chimping out


That's because I AM being ironic. I literally don't give a shit about where you come from or what you look like. I just get a kick out of being a mentally retarded edgelord!
>Stalinnn did nuthin rong!!!


how is it hypocritical when it's a fantasy vs a reality? and why should whites just lie down and perish to unreasonable aggressors? moral superiority doesnt mean anything when you are dead.


It's not a fantasy for Dylan Roof and other whites. Even if you don't take the Moonman meme seriously, plenty of other guys do


no, i would not say plenty. drop in the bucket compared to black violence.


I love what I can do by just posting an edgy meme and spewing some retarded nonsense!
>agitprop in action!
or should I rather say, edgyprop!


i am just tired of people making excuses for niggers or saying that whites are just as bad or worse. the media loves to parade around white killers and bitch about evil nazis posting mean words online, but has made it a habit to curiously obscure the race of black perpetrators. white folks have a right to be agitated and i dont actually think they are angered enough by it. if you consider that you trolled me successfully, good for you.


You're right the media is obsessed with niggers being killed by white people.
I'd say the whole of the USA is obsessed with niggers being killed and don't give a shit if any one who isn't black gets killed.

Like Stephen Fry said this is not a victory for the right, but a failure of the left, SJWs and BLM nogs just do all the publicity for their enemies and boost their popularity. The left got Trump elected and I couldn't stop laughing!

As Morgan Freeman said when he thought Black history month was a big load of bullshit and he was asked how he would stop racism he responded calmly:
>just stop talking about it.

I have to admit I have seen plenty of niggers with severe anger issues, but besides that I saw plenty of niggers who were smart, cool and full of slack.


t. Based Racist Sexist Homophobe a.k.a. SeRaPhobe

I'm a misanthrope by the way, I'm an equal opportunity hater and critic of the human race.




it's called "chimping out" for a reason, silly willy