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Tell me about your sad, empty existence.


I want to commit self deletus.
Life is shit desu.


>>12000 (checked)
What's stopping you?


It's rare to have such a prompt.
But I would deny the premise outright.

I don't have a sad and empty existence.
It's hard to conceptualize living any other way.

Surely when you pass the baker you remember the dough they kneed.
And when you pass the bank you see the whispers of fractional reserves splitting further.

In the same vein you'll see us here, on a board, without a vision, but not necessarily at ease either.
There's a biting self-awareness with writing on here.
We all know it to be self-indulgent.
Still, still we write something.

If, for a moment, you would imagine us to be the hedge maze, what do you think these replies appear as?
To some, a fork. To others, a bend.
But to those who give it enough thought, they appear as dead ends.

Life stories hushed within the first sentence; that's what it means to write such things.

To adopt a premise of "sad and empty" is to hush the first word; are you sure you want to be the audience?


Wow I was so down I didn't even see the GET. Probably the slim chance that things *could* get better is what's holding me back, but If they do not within the next few years, I'm sure my self YEET method will succeed and I will have my happy ending.


Wew. I've already done that part. I can't stand any more than a couple of months. Looking forward to it.


I should be more precise a year and a few months, but anyway good luck on your road to nirvana.


Tell us how miserable you are so we feel better.


Sometimes I just wish the sun would explode and put everyone and everything out of it's misery!


Same. Nuke the world!


one time i unironically was happy that my elderly uncle died because that meant the fucking retarded yearly holiday to lanzarote or whatever spaniard country it was had to be cancelled
god speed frank, you old bastard, pulling through for me until the very end, i'll never forget you


The happiest day of my life was when my grandfather died. Fucking bastard got what he deserved!


Hi everybody,

I'm newbie here, I like this place. Also the nuke or the explodging sun ideas looks good to me.


It's sad and empty. ;__;


Thanks anon! and welcome!


4 years shut in neet, but since I have been doing nothing it feels like a few months at max. Thought I could kill myself, ate some sleeping pills, chickened out, took too few, woke up well rested next day.


I tried to OD on ibuprofen one day but all it did was cure my headache.


Nice I wish I had died from starvation! Like a Buddhist mummy!