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neet textboard No.12031

would anyone be interested in a neet textboard

would this result in anything interesting.

just give me a comfy anonymous community lads...


Something like this?


Thank you for linking.
It does beg the question why make a textboard when this already exists.


Textboards are harder to do right in English than imageboards


Yes I would be interested in that. I barely post any media anyway.


any preferences about it
was thinking of making it from scratch; shouldn't be hard.
what are some features you would like


what is required to "do it right"?
textboards are great deterrent from those who only post meme images and use meme lingo

if anyone has some clever word filters I think implementing those would be fun
cuck -> cake, for example


im just not confident that a new textboard would do anything different or attract anything different


would just be the same users, the same posts, the same shit over and over and over again, just more restrictive in content. what's the fucking point?,


Well for one you wouldn't have to look at child porn images being botspammed every day anymore. Plus it could be a nice opportunity for OP to create (program) something.


only interested in tor version of such board
even blackpill/incel board would be fine.. since its all the same shit


lol imagine wanting to moderate something under the premise of being "neet"
when it is exactly why people leave textboards.
4-ch.net and textboard wizchan were popular. Once admins started moderating them heavily ppl just left and never posted again


>just give me a comfy anonymous community lads...
find something else to latch on motherfucker
all the boring normans are using internet now and you are one of them
its never supposed to be comfy
you cannot be anonymous without freedom
anonymous boards are not possible without complete anarchy and darkweb protocols


>unironically using the word norman
>fell for the normie/autist dichotomy
Oh NOOO!!! I am a normie... what ever shall I do???
excessive content != quality
do you seriously think tor is safe?
you are welcome to come up with a new point
removing images allows people to confront their lack of original thought


Are you coding son?


I don't think there's any merit in making it, so not at this time.


Disappointing. The negative nancies win again.


Maybe other, shittier imageboards are anticomfy, but this is a NEET imageboard. We're all about being comfy. If you want to jerk yourself off about how stoic you are and how much unpleasantness you can endure, you're in the wrong place kiddo