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What do you guys do when you're sad?
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I read conspiracy theories from the early 2000s.


look up blackpills and listen to songs with lyrics about wanting to die

I kinda like to drown in misery because I know the sadness will end eventually
so might as well enjoy it

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Lay in my bed and watch nature documentaries on pbs


oh this reminded me I used to watch reality tv shows when i was depressed in highschool


I got really into Japanese and Korean dramas right after high school and into my early days of NEETdom.

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Good thread, I'm feeling terrible these days. My way of coping with it is booze, weed and animu. But it kinda stopped working years ago... Now I'm intoxicated and sad plus I hate myself for doing this anyway. Fuck . ;_;


I don't drink but I would love to be able to smoke weed again. Used to be in a situation where I'd get some once and a while. But those days are over. No contacts, no 'donations', and no money.


Im always sad and theres nothing that makes me happy anymore except for alcohol. But naturally since Ive been drinking for so long now I go through it pretty fast and its fairly pricey if your source of income is parents


You might just grow some weed yourself then. That was my way around social interactions. Gardening is a nice hobby!

DIY booze! Water, sugar and yeast is all you need to brew some. Also kind of a hobby.


I do know a wooded area that possibly I could grow some in. But as a hikikomori it would be tough to force myself out of the house to do that. Let alone acquire the seeds and everything else invovled. I don't drive and would have to find a willing person to take me to do this. I have no social circle at all either. The area that I'm speaking of also is way too far to walk to even if that was an option. I would literally take me a day to get there and a day to get home. If I even managed to make it there without being killed by some wild animal or crazed backwoods maniac.


That's how hermits would've done it in the olden days.


You can order a tent and lights, ventilation, filters and even seeds on the internet. No need to leave the apartment. Costs like 250$ in total, but that's the most hikki-esque way of growing weed I can think of. Also, there are tons of comfy homegrow videos on ytube etc.

Oh and to provide to the thread: After years of not playing vidya, genshin impact got me hooked with it's animu cuteness and beautiful landscapes. It works for me at least. ^__^


What do you typically drink anon?


Ignore it
Play vidya
Watch anything
Browse too much online
Almost the same stuff I do otherwise


listen to sad music and try make myself feel even more. lay in bed. self harm.


depends on how sad i am
if i'm just feeling sad, i just take a break and lie down until the sad feelings go away
if i'm feeling depressed and the depression gets too much to bear, i let it out by crying


bully on the intrnet


I switch between crippling depression and euphoric zeal. No in between.
when it happens I usually lay down and feel extremely tired, listen to music while I imagine my death for 12 hours and then resume shitposting


Horse masks are funny :)