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neet.moe appreciation thread No.12125

I've tried most of the other imageboards constantly shilled here, and they're all either dead or cringe.

This makes sense because the more NEETs who use your site, the better it will be. NEETs are who create internet culture. Wageslaves simply don't have the time or energy.


Based, the only ones I lurk on for time to time are the robowaifu board and the gay-ass soyjak boards which I wget just for the stupid memes.
I never post on them, this place is much more worth my time!


I like to compare imageboards to the multiverse. many are unstable and pop like soap bubbles, but some are more stable and last longer than others, but few can rival 2channel and 4chan in terms of longevity.
>Did Nishimura-sama have a choice in creating the imageboard?


I love neet.moe and kohlchan.net !!!


go back


Based OP!
neet.moe is the only one good place except for comfychan.org


RIP comfy.chat


Admin is a pretty cool guy, but holy shit I wish he'd crack down on all this board shilling. It just sucks that these little raid parties keep bumping their shill threads so they're always at the top of the board.

Pic directed at these shillords.

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I mean, somehow even this thread became another shill thread.


There’s no good imageboard besides neet.moe and anonchan.tk




neet.moe will be 10 years old in 2024!